My notes aren't appearing in my patient's chart. What do I do?

In the rare circumstance where a patient's notes haven't automatically downloaded into the patient's chart, you can follow the steps outlined below to manually restore and re-download this patient's note(s).

  1. Log in to the Ocean Portal and find the patient who's notes have not automatically downloaded into their chart in your EMR.
  2. Click on the patient and select "Restore Downloaded Ocean Notes", from the "Advanced" menu.

  1. Go back to the patient's chart in your EMR. The note should automatically download correctly into the patient's chart. If you the patient has filled out some other forms recently, there may be some duplicates notes that get downloaded.

Note: If you are a PS Suite user, you may see a "Download" button appear on your Ocean toolbar and/or Ocean custom form. You may click this button to initiate the note to download immediately.

My appointments are showing in Ocean at the wrong time. How do I fix this?

This is likely because the timezone on your OceanConnect tablet does not match your current tablet. This can be easily fixed by following the instructions below.

  1. Correct the time zone on your OceanConnect tablet.

    • Open the Settings app on your dedicated OceanConnect tablet.
    • Enter the "Date and time" section and select your correct time zone.
    • Consult this list of time zones if you are unsure which one your clinic is located in.
  2. Clear all your incorrect appointments from the Ocean Portal.


    It is a good idea to complete this step after working hours, so as not to disrupt any regular Ocean use at your clinic.

    • Log in to the Ocean Portal.
    • Navigate to the Admin tab and enter the "Site Features" section (selected from the menu along the left).
    • Click the "Delete" button beside the "Delete All Patients in Site?" field. This will remove any patients that have been uploaded into Ocean in your Patients tab.
  3. Re-upload your patients into Ocean with the correct appointment times.

    • Go back to your OceanConnect tablet and click the "Sync Appointments Now" button.
    • Clicking this button will force OceanConnect to synchronize appointments with your EMR appointment schedule, extracting, encrypting, and uploading patients with upcoming appointments.
    • Once the sync is complete, you should see all your patients with upcoming appointments listed at the correct time in the Patients tab of your Ocean Portal.

PS Suite: What is a "temporary note generated by Ocean"?

This is a temporary note generated by Ocean. Use the Ocean Toolbar to import the following information into PSS. @OceanData: -
Ocean Data Awaiting Import: { "tobaccoUseUpdate" : {"cigsPerDay":"15-20","smoker":"Y"}, "alcoholUseUpdate" : {"drinksPerWeek":"5-8”}}

The above note is generated by OceanConnect when it sees a field update request for one of the fields that the API does not support. This note contains the value of the field in a structured format, which is needed for the Ocean Toolbar to set the field value in PS Suite directly.

Therefore, the Ocean Toolbar must be visible in the patient's chart in order for the temporary note to successfully be converted into an automatic PS Suite update.

To ensure that your Ocean Toolbar is installed and visible in your PS Suite, please refer to: "Download and Install the Ocean Custom Form and Toolbar" and "Create a Reminder Trigger for the Ocean Toolbar".

To learn more about the limitations of the TELUS API, please refer to: "Limitations of the New TELUS API and Workarounds Using the Ocean Toolbar".

OSCAR: Why does my patient have no Ocean reference number on their Encounter Screen?

In order to generate and obtain the Ocean patient reference number needed for a patient to complete their forms on a tablet, the patient must be first uploaded into Ocean. Patients are uploaded into Ocean from OSCAR by loading the Ocean eForm for that patient.

There are 2 places from which you can load the Ocean eForm for a patient from OSCAR:

  1. Appointment Schedule
  2. Encounter Screen
Appointment Schedule Encounter Screen
  • Click on the Ocean shortcut located on a patient's appointment on the OSCAR Schedule.
  • This will open up the Ocean eForm in a new tab or window, uploading the patient into Ocean and generating a patient reference number for the patient.