OceanConnect v56 Release Notes

The OceanConnect v56 release is a minor release that improves error handling to stop further polls if the Accuro EMR API responds with SC_FORBIDDEN on an authorization request.


OceanConnect v55 Release Notes

The OceanConnect v55 release includes the following improvements.

  • Fixed an error creating new lab results via the Accuro EMR API.
  • Removed office restriction for schedule queries via the Accuro EMR API.

OceanConnect v54 Release Notes

The OceanConnect v54 release includes the following improvements.

  • Improved error handling/reporting when authenticating with the Telus PS Suite API.
  • Fixed an issue where patients with multiple upcoming appointments could have an incorrect appointment date set in Ocean.

PS Suite Ocean eReferral Form 1.55 Release Notes

  • Sites can now deactivate the automatic follow-up message by setting the message target to blank
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in some confusion regarding user-specific eReferral settings. Rather than displaying a blank or negative value, it will now correctly display the clinic-wide default setting when a user setting that has not been specified for the user is displayed.
  • Miscellaneous optimizations to the chart "checkout" logic

PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 3.97 Release Notes

The PS Suite Ocean custom form v3.97 contains the following changes:

  • A "race condition" bug that could result in an update failing to download properly or download multiple times has been fixed
  • A bug that could result in occasional error messages with "javax.swing.Timer" is fixed
  • Some legacy code related to patient chart checkouts has been removed
  • The Help button now displays the version of the Ocean Toolbar and well as the Ocean custom form (useful for sites that have minimized or hidden their Ocean Toolbar)

PS Suite Incomplete eReferral Form 1.0 Release Notes

The Incomplete eReferral Form is available for download here as of May 24, 2018.

This form, once installed, should be automatically inserted into Ocean-enabled PS Suite sites when a user clicks "Save for Later" after initiating an eReferral using Ocean. It provides a convenient link to re-open the eReferral draft.

Currently the form requires a manual removal once the eReferral is completed.

OceanConnect v53 Release Notes

The OceanConnect v53 Release includes the following:

  • Added a configuration option for the Accuro API to enable/disable demographics custom field integration.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

OceanConnect v52 Release Notes

The OceanConnect v52 Release includes the following:

  • New feature: can now read (in addition to write) custom fields in Accuro demographics. Custom fields can be used to create Tablet Rules or default values in eForms, by using the keyword "@ptCustom.EMRField" (where 'EMRField' is the name of your custom demographic).
  • Added the ability to filter by provider when accessing the Accuro API.
  • Fixed a minor date parsing issue.

OceanConnect v51 Release Notes

The OceanConnect v51 Release includes the following:

  • New feature: now supports updating the HN Eligibility code in PS Suite with responses from MoH health card validation (HCV).
  • Improved Accuro API performance by restricting access to the current office.

PS Suite Ocean eReferral Form 1.54 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "Remove" button from successfully removing the custom form from the chart
  • Changed the behaviour of the form when opened in View Form (F2) mode, to allow new users to click the Settings button for configuration. Previously users had to send a test eReferral to access this button.

PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 3.96 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug with the smoking status update that could result in a "never smoked" patient to be changed to "non-smoker"
  • Fixed a bug that prevented provider names with non-ASCII characters (such as accents) from being passed properly to the Ocean server, thereby preventing uploads of new patients into Ocean

PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.11 Release Notes

The PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.11 has the following changes:

  • The emergency contact fields can now populate in the PS Suite Demographics window when the corresponding field updates are uploaded from OceanConnect. (Note: Unfortunately the TELUS API doesn't support reading or writing the emergency contact; consequently, even though the toolbar can now set the values of these fields in PS Suite, the values cannot be read back into Ocean for subsequent display on the Ocean tablet or in eForms)
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes overwrite a patient's "never smoked" status with "ex-smoker" when a form is completed that asks about smoking status but doesn't clarify the "ever smoked" status
  • Improved the visibility of the Download Note button to assist sites with manual downloads when the TELUS API is malfunctioning
  • Removed the additional "field x was changed to y" text generated by the Ocean Toolbar to reduce the chart clutter created by additional notes. (Note: you can still view the demographic changes in PS Suite's activity logs for auditing purposes)

PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 3.95 Release Notes

The Ocean custom form 3.95 fixes a few regression issues specific to version 3.94:

  • The missing Attachment paperclip icon has been restored
  • The icon colours have been restored to their previous blue-grey values
  • The Site Number label is visible again

PS Suite Ocean eReferral Form 1.53 Release Notes

  • Increased the "clickable" area of the eReferral form's grey buttons, especially the Attachment button

PS Suite Ocean eReferral Form 1.52 Release Notes

  • When an eReferral is marked as complete, the final summary message added to the chart is now more descriptive, including not just the referral reference as before but also the referral target title, the associated health service, and a note indicating that the receiver site has marked the referral as complete

PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 3.93 Release Notes

  • For sites that do not have OceanConnect activated, the custom form will add itself to the chart when it is used to launch a new direct eReferral shortcut. This should help clients who have had problems with the automatic download of the referral note after an eReferral is sent.

PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.10 Release Notes

  • Moved the Download button to the right side of the toolbar buttons when it is visible, as opposed to below on the second row, to help with its visibility.
  • When the toolbar performs a custom import of PSS demographic fields such as the health number, the toolbar will now append its update notification to an existing recent OCN progress note in the chart, if one is available within 30 days. For example, when an Ocean note already exists listing updates for the patient's phone number, the Ocean Toolbar will attempt to re-use this note to append information regarding its own updates.

  • The Ocean Toolbar will now import the eligibility code when it is supplied from the tablet

  • The toolbar will alternatively reset the eligibility code to 0 when the health number, province or version code is changed and the eligibility code is not available (to indicate that HCV/OBEC is needed for this patient to validate the new health number)

OceanConnect v50 Release Notes

The OceanConnect v50 Release includes the following:

  • New feature: now you can capture lab data in Accuro simply by tagging items in the Ocean note using the standard @ notation, e.g. including something like this in the generated note and Ocean will take care of the rest: @phq9: 12. The EMR Field Mapping table under preferences will allow you to map these back to lab results within a lab test in Accuro. You must define the tests and embedded results in Accuro ahead of time to ensure high data quality. (Note that if you define more than one result in a given test, Ocean will use the first one.)
  • Minor fixes to the TELUS online booking module (currently in "beta").
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error loading appointments booked between 12 midnight and 1 AM into Ocean.

OceanConnect v49 Release Notes

The OceanConnect v49 release is a minor release that only added some diagnostic logging to enable CognisantMD to identify issues relating to QHR Accuro permissions issues on the new API. There were no functionality changes in this release.


PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.09 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug that occurred during the update of custom (non-API-supported) demographic fields which triggered a PSS stack trace error popup and also prevented the addition of the explanatory progress note
  • The health card eligibility code is now reset to 0 as expected when a health number or version code changes; this change tells PS Suite that the health number needs re-validation via HCV/OBEC

OceanConnect v48 Release Notes

The OceanConnect release v48 includes the following:

  • Added registration support for TELUS Med Access. Full Med Access support coming soon!
  • Added full support for Accuro custom demographic fields, particularly useful for tracking email consent, socio-economic data and other important information related to the patient. To set up mappings, use the EMR Field Mappings in the Ocean Web Portal to map your '@' annotated fields in Ocean eForms to custom demographic fields in Accuro.

OceanConnect v47 Release Notes

The OceanConnect release v47 included the following:

  • Added a limit to the number of hours to look ahead to mark patients as arrived after swiping at the kiosk, e.g. set it to 2 hours if you want Ocean to mark all appointments for the patient in the subsequent 2 hours to arrived.
  • Changed logic to mark patients as arrived even if their appointment status was a custom status. We found that other 3rd party systems used custom statuses for various purposes, so now Ocean will treat those as needing to update to arrived (as opposed to "in room", which does not get reset to "arrived", relevant because the patient might use a floating tablet in the exam room).
  • Added an option to insert walk-in appointments at/near the current time as opposed to start of day. Some walk-in clinics treat the walk-in schedule as a sequenced list that might as well start at 6am, whereas others want the more intuitive behaviour of inserting at the time the patient arrived (or as close as possible).

OceanConnect v45 Release Notes

The OceanConnect release v45 included the following:

  • The Accuro integration module will now use the standard "arrived" status instead of custom statuses, enabling it to play nice with the Traffic Manager.
  • The Accuro integration module now supports saving notes as letters.
  • Fixed a bug in the TELUS EMR module in which an appointment on the following day could be marked arrived. 
  • The "Walk-in Provider" is now a selector of the providers available in the EMR instead of a free-text box.
  • Minor UI improvements.

PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.08 Release Notes

  • New support for setting a patient's Preferred Method of Contact when specified by OceanConnect
  • New support for setting a patient's health number eligibility code when specified by the new Ontario HCV process on the Ocean Tablet. This functionality will be available in the future when the a new version of the Ocean Tablet uploads this information from HCV.

PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.07 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from being able to preview a queued eForm for a patient by clicking on its title

PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.06 Release Notes

  • The Ocean Toolbar will now assist with the automatic import of additional demographic fields for sites with OceanConnect activated, particularly the health number, health number province, health number expiry date and health number version code (note that since these fields cannot be updated directly with the TELUS API, the Ocean Toolbar updates them directly when the chart is loaded). An explanatory progress note is added to the chart when this happens.

PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 3.92 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the toolbar's 'Import' button from downloading an eRequest when OceanConnect is activated at a site.

OceanConnect v44 Release Notes

The OceanConnect v44 release includes the following improvements.

  • New feature: You can now configure a subset of providers to be synced by OceanConnect. Appointments for selected providers are periodically uploaded and patients are immediately accessible through Ocean.
  • OceanConnect now marks a patient as arrived using the core status in Accuro API.
  • Added a check for invalid characters in the URL field during configuration of the new Accuro API.
  • Fixed a bug where a patient's appointment status would get reset from 'In Room' back to 'Arrived'.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent walk-in configuration until after the device is registered.
  • Improved Telus PS Suite API session handling to renew tokens ahead of expiry.
  • Improved error handling/reporting for the Telus PS Suite API.

PS Suite Ocean eReferral Form 1.51 Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the eReferral form from automatically adding pending tests or the referral's 'yellow sticky' message when the eReferral was sent with OceanConnect activated.
  • Adding support for viewing the log for troubleshooting purposes
  • General code/reliability improvements

PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 3.91 Release Notes

  • When choosing Email or Refer, the Ocean custom form will check whether any notes have been "green barred" (selected). If so, the form will automatically execute the Attach action to create the attachment file prior to opening the browser.
  • The patient's next scheduled appointment date is now included in the general upload of the patient, to assist with the display in the Ocean day sheet.