Tablet Release Notes v166

The Ocean Tablet release v166 is a minor release that includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

Tablet Release Notes v165

The Ocean Tablet release v165 is a minor release to improve error handling for MoH health card validation (HCV).

Tablet Release Notes v164

The Ocean Tablet release v164 includes the following:

  • Improved HTML escaping for progress notes uploaded through the PS Suite EMR API.
  • Ocean Tablet, when configured for HCV, can now update the health number eligibility code in PS Suite.

Tablet Release Notes v163

The Ocean Tablet release v163 includes the following:

  • Adds support for custom demographic fields for Accuro through the Ocean EMR Field Mapping framework (for OceanConnect tablets).
  • Added a full date format option for the @apptDate keyword using the suffix DDMMdyy (e.g. @apptDate.DDMMdyy  --> Sunday March 11, 2018).
  • Adds support for a limit to early check-ins (e.g. don't allow patients to check in more than X minutes early), configurable in the Ocean Tablet Settings in the web portal.
  • Slight wording change (in English and French) to remove the obvious "To verify your identity" in the birthdate validation panel.
  • Improvements in the handling of HCV exceptions.
  • Improvements to handling of invalid/bad swipes.
  • Fixed some edge case timing errors that occur around the timeout feature.
  • Logs sent to server will now include the tablet's timezone for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the generation of certain handouts (e.g. SCREEN II) due the absence of conversion functions to convert ASCII to Bin64 (required for passing patient data parameters to the handout in the HTTP request).

Tablet Release Notes v162

The Ocean Tablet release v162 is a major release that includes the following:

  • New feature: Ocean Tablet now integrates with the Ontario MoH Health Card Validation (HCV) service. Enter your HCV credentials in Ocean site settings to begin using the service. Once configured, your Ocean Tablet (in kiosk mode) will validate patient health numbers at check-in.
  • Kiosk mode will now block patients that do not have an appointment for that day if the tablet settings are configured to block late check-ins. Patients will be asked to present at the reception desk.
  • Added support for @providerName keyword.
  • Added an option in the Admin menu to open OceanConnect (if it is installed on the same tablet).
  • Disabled suggestions and auto-correct for all text fields in Ocean Tablet.
  • Fixed an issue to display last known network status icon when Ocean Tablet is disconnected from the network.
  • Added 'check digit' test to ON health number validation.
  • Fixed an error playing the kiosk completion sound when in cases that the sound has been deleted from the device.
  • Improved error handling for card swipe reading.

Tablet Release Notes v161

The Ocean Tablet release v161 includes:

  • Fixed an issue where the on-screen keyboard could hide the 'Proceed' button and inhibit a walk-in patient from registration on the kiosk.

Tablet Release Notes v160

The Ocean Tablet release v160 includes:

  • Added support for a rule that can prevent a patient from checking in, and instead redirects them to reception.
  • Fixed an issue where the eForm editor would incorrectly crop some images.

Tablet Release Notes v159

The Ocean Tablet release v159 is a major release that includes the following:

  • New walk-in support! Now with an integrated EMR, the Ocean Tablet will allow patients to check-in and complete rule-based forms (e.g. reason for visit!) even if they don't have an appointment, and it will add the patient to a walk-in provider schedule when complete. Note that you need the latest OceanConnect app as well for this functionality (as well as your EMR providers API enabled).
  • We've added a new script function "pt.hasOnDemandForms()" that will allow you to inspect a patient to see if a clinician has picked forms for this patient already. This is especially useful for kiosk mode tablets that don't necessarily want to block the queue for a patient's specially chosen forms (or forms that the patient failed to complete at home beforehand).
  • Kiosk mode can now block late patients! If you want your patients to present at the reception desk when more than X minutes late, you can now do this via tablet settings in the web portal.
  • Disabled the tamper-proofing check when tablet is in dedicated OceanConnect mode (so it doesn't deregister unexpectedly due to automatic software upgrades).
  • Minor change to shared key entry screen button labels for clarity.
  • Added script call pt.getApproxAgeInDays()
  • Fixes to the @ptRxFriendly keyword logic to handle null treatment/med fields (provided by some EMRs) more gracefully.
  • Minor changes to improve error reporting diagnostics.
  • Changed tamper-proofing logic to ignore TeamViewer, which is used by CognisantMD staff to troubleshoot remotely.
  • Fixed the French translation for street number.

Tablet Release Notes v158

The Ocean Tablet release v158 includes:

  • Adding separate 'ptApptReason' and 'ptVisitType' keywords to support rules that previously had to parse the combined value (in Accuro, these are separate fields).
  • Fixed a potential error that could occur on the "final" screen if the network connection fails when you click the retry button.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in duplicate patient records in Ocean if an error occurs in a particular part of a server call.

Tablet Release Notes v157

The Ocean Tablet release v157 includes the following:

  • Support for Accuro CDS links to retrieve patients dynamically -- to pick forms for a patient, send Ocean Online messages, send referrals, etc.
  • Fixed a potential crash that occurs when Android system sound is set to "none" and tablet is in kiosk mode.
  • Changing HN entry logic to allow 'enter' key to be hit after fewer than 9 digits.

Tablet Release Notes v156

The Ocean Tablet release v156 includes the following:

  • Minor fixes to card swipe reading behaviour to be more reliable.

Tablet Release Notes v155

The Ocean Tablet release v155 has a number of fixes for card swiping:

  • New logic to detect Ontario red & white card swipes and direct such patients to reception for verification (and gentle encouragement to get a photo card!).
  • Updated message to patients for cases that the patient is not found in Ocean for whatever reason:
    "We are unable to process your check-in at the kiosk. Please proceed to the reception desk." (instead of previous message that said "no forms are waiting for you").
  • Improving the error handling and patient message for bad swipes.

(Unless you are using your tablets as check-in kiosks, this release is not required.)

Tablet Release Notes v154

The Ocean Tablet release v154 includes the following:

  • Tablets in kiosk mode will no longer display a "no note generated" note if no note is generated (i.e. because no forms were completed, or because the forms were left blank) to reduce clutter in charts for clinics with lots of kiosks and not always many forms.
  • Minor fix to display of "subsite" picker on registration to look nicer, and the registration screen now lists price as $55/month to be consistent with our new pricing (which doesn't actually go into effect for existing clients on Oct 1, 2017 -- don't panic).
  • The language will be captured in the form completed audit records (visible in the web portal under Admin->Reports).
  • Yes/no/not-sure items will be rendered on two lines always to ensure they look better on lower-end tablets.
  • Language buttons (i.e. when you have exactly two languages configured on the tablet) will keep a "pressed state" on the buttons so patients have visual feedback.

Tablet Release Notes v153

The Ocean Tablet release v153 includes the following:

  • Added support for configurable timeout settings for kiosks and other minor improvements in kiosk mode behaviour
  • A fix to a minor bug in the keyword replacer for strings that ended in a blackslash character
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the new kiosk timeout feature when timeout is reached
  • Added code to improve the reliability of health card swiping
  • Added support for Nova Scotia health cards
  • Added addition "exceptions" for the tamper-proofing security check to ignore certain package updates

Tablet Release Notes v152

The Ocean Tablet release v152 includes the following:

  • New feature: in kiosk mode, the tablet will now show a timeout warning after 30s and do a hard timeout after another 30s of inactivity.
  • The tablet will make a sound upon completion (so that the reception desk can be assured that the patient completed the encounter without being able to see the screen).
  • Added support for the new "mark as arrived" configuration in tablet settings so that the tablet will mark the patient as arrived in the EMR at the beginning or end of the tablet session (or not at all).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the HN province (if included on demographic screen) to be stamped into the patient's province in the EMR.
  • Added more instrumentation for OceanConnect (for Accuro clients).
  • Added some protection to prevent tablet crashes on null formula item scripts.
  • Added validation for the Ocean server host URL.
  • Added French translation for expired health card message after swipe.
  • Added better handling of bad health card swipes (e.g. if date isn't read properly).

Tablet Release Notes v151

The Ocean Tablet release v151 includes a couple fixes for the new health card swipe update feature:

  • Fixed a problem updating new expiry dates from swiped cards in PS Suite
  • Added support for updating VC codes without updated HC expiry date

Tablet Release Notes v150

The Ocean Tablet release version 150 contains the following fixes:

  • Support for detecting expired Ontario health cards after a swipe, including logic to automatically update the EMR record when appropriate (i.e. if the HC expiry is blank in the EMR, or the expiry on the swipe is newer; in both cases, it will also update the VC automatically).
  • Tablets will now detect multiple subsites in an Ocean site and prompt the user to choose one. This will help avoid cases in which a tablet is left registered against the default subsite, which can create a bit of a mess at invoice time.
  • Tablets will now warn the registering user when a duplicate tablet name is already registered to help avoid situations in which a factory-reset tablet generates a new ID and is redundantly registered.
  • SSL handshake errors (usually when clock is reset and tablet thinks it's 1970) will now show what the tablet thinks is the correct time in addition to date.
  • Tablet will reset to the tablet's default language properly after each patient encounter instead of English.

Tablet Release Notes v149

The Tablet release v149 contains the following:

  • The app name has been changed to "Ocean Tablet" instead of "OceanWave" to reflect current naming convention.
  • Fixed an error condition that would occur with the new low battery warning for OceanConnect tablets when battery got too low.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause custom point values on checkbox items to be treated as 1.

Tablet Release Notes v148

The Tablet Release v148 contains a fix to an issue that presents as a flickering effect when tapping on buttons in forms on some tablet devices. Since this flickering effect can decrease patient usability with those devices, this version is strongly recommended for any tablets running v146 or v147. 

Tablet Release Notes v147

The Ocean Tablet release v147 includes the following:

  • A critical fix for tablets running Android 4.0.3 (level 15) due to the use of an unsupported call. This release reverts the behaviour to ensure that Android 4.0.3 can run Ocean.
  • Improvements to the handling of the shared encryption key to re-validate against sites when a tablet is deregistered and clear under certain circumstances.

Tablet Release Notes v146

The Ocean Tablet release v146 includes the following:

  • Support for an automatic 10s session timeout on the completion screen when a patient is complete on a kiosk-mode tablet.
  • A lot more logging and instrumentation.
  • Site number has been added to the authentication dialog to help for tablets that move between sites.

Tablet Release Notes v145

The Ocean Tablet release v145 includes the following changes:

  • Support for detecting cancelled appointments in Accuro to ensure forms and reminders are not sent to those patients.
  • Added support for emergency recovery of the Shared Encryption Key from the tablet in cases that it cannot be recovered from an EMR when lost.

Tablet Release Notes v144

The Ocean Tablet release v144 includes a small fix to prevent the tablet from running in a language unless specifically configured in the tablet settings. This will prevent situations where a patient's spoken language in the EMR triggers forms that aren't completely translated into a language (so most of the form appears in English except a few simple values like "Yes" and "No" appearing in the patient's language).

Tablet Release Notes v143

The Ocean Tablet release 143 includes an important stability fix for OceanConnect EMR messaging. It is recommended for all Ocean/Accuro clinics.

Tablet Release Notes v142

The Ocean Tablet release v142 includes the following:

  • Support for setting custom Accuro appointment statuses for "patient reminded".
  • Fix to French translation for finish button (was wrong tense).
  • Added support for capturing EMR ID with study data (a new option in the study configuration panel in the web portal).
  • Removed shared encryption key complexity requirements since these were redundant with the server, where the shared encryption key is initially defined.
  • Fix to ptReasonForVisit keyword.
  • Adding memberStatus keyword (currently only available for TELUS PS Suite; used for patient roster status).
  • Better cross-Canada validation for health number entry in demographics screen.
  • Stability improvements for Accuro OceanConnect scenario.
  • Added ability to install TeamViewer from the admin menu for remote support requirements.

Tablet Release Notes v141

The Ocean Tablet release v141 includes the following changes:

  • Support for a new eForm layout hint for laying out menu buttons vertically (one button per row).
  • Support for a new eForm layout hint to request text field on the same line as the label for an item (whether or not this actually happens depends on screen resolution, length of label text etc.)
  • Change to handling of "number of digit" changes for a site to fix a bug that would cause problems for OceanConnect tablets when a site changes the number of patient ref digits.

Tablet Release Notes v140

The Ocean Tablet release v140 includes a minor fix to avoid an very rare authentication error that appears to happen at random intervals (likely invisible to end user).

Tablet Release Notes v139

The Ocean Tablet release v139 includes the following:

  • An important couple of bug fixes for healthcare swiping functionality in kiosk mode. If you are setting up a card swipe kiosk, this upgrade is critical.
  • A fix to a bug that caused a tablet to be deregistered upon an Ocean user authentication fail, even for simply disabling OceanConnect mode and entering the admin screen.

Tablet Release Notes v138

The Ocean Tablet release v138 contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • New feature: healthcare swipe support! A long-requested feature, now you can connect a USB magstripe reader to the tablet in kiosk mode and swipe a health card instead of entering it on the keypad. If you want to try this out, you'll need MagTek card reader model #21073145. (Some MagTek readers have a level of encryption that limits their use to credit cards, so make sure you get this make and model.) If you are in Canada, it's about $70 and you can order it from TigerDirect here. Note that you will also likely need a USB adapter cable like this one, although depending on whether your tablet has DC power in, you might need a USB adapter cable that can charge your tablet as well as connect to the reader.
  • This release also includes a critical stability fix for OceanConnect mode tablets that addresses an issue where the tablet would fail to connect after any sort of network outage.

Tablet Release Notes v137

The Ocean Tablet release v137 includes the following improvements:

  • Added support for configurable completion screen messages in kiosk mode; some clinics would like tablet to say "please take a seat" and others will want "please go to reception" as the final message. Note that you can provide your customized message in multiple languages using same approach as intro screen fields.
  • Added support for configuration option in tablet settings to skip on-demand forms for a tablet group, e.g. as you might want to do for a simple check-in kiosk, i.e. even if there are forms waiting for a patient, don't display them in that tablet session.
  • Fixed an issue that caused numeric sliders with first point value of anything other than 0 from missing the first choice as an answer as first selected by patient, i.e. the note would be skipped. For example, if a slider went from 1-5, and the patient chose 1 right away (i.e. without choosing anything else first), the response would be ignored.