Create an eRequest Link: At A Glance

  1. Create a Directory Listing for Your Clinic
    • To ensure that the necessary security and encryption protocols are in place for patient privacy, all sites hosting an eRequest link must be registered on the Ocean eReferral Network.
  2. Create & Configure Your eRequest Link
    • You can create and configure your eRequest link settings from the eRequests section of the Admin tab in the Ocean Portal.
    • These settings include your eRequest name, type, URL, eForm, etc.
  3. Publish Your eRequest Link
    • Once your eRequest link has been configured, you can use the generated URL to publish it on your clinic website, to be available for your patients to complete online.
    • You have the choice of publishing your eRequest URL either as a link to an external site or embed it into your site as an iFrame.
  4. View & Manage Your eRequest Submissions
    • Once your eRequest link is active, you can start collecting submissions from patients, which you can manage from within the eRequests tab of the Ocean Portal.

Create a Directory Listing for Your Clinic

To ensure that the necessary security and encryption protocols are in place for patient privacy, eRequests take advantage of the Ocean eReferral Network. This means that all sites hosting an eRequest must be registered on the Ocean eReferral Network by following the steps below.

  1. Create a directory listing for your site.

    • Log in to the Ocean Portal and navigate to the Admin tab and enter the "Directory Listings" section.
    • Create a new listing by clicking the "Add New Listing" button and entering your clinic details.
  2. Contact us to validate your site.

    Once you’ve claimed your site, let us know at so that we can validate your site as a legitimate clinic for accepting patient data.

Create & Configure Your eRequest Link

  1. Create a new eRequest configuration.

    • Login to the Ocean Portal and navigate to the Admin tab.
    • Enter the "eRequest Links" section (from the menu along the left).
    • Click the "New eRequest Configuration" button (at the bottom righthand corner of the screen).
  2. Configure your eRequest settings.

    • Name
      The name of your eRequest link (for your tracking purposes).
      Directory Listing
      Your listing that you listed and/or claimed in Step 1 (a.k.a. your clinic/site name).
      eRequest Type
      Here, you can choose whether the eRequest will be for physicians (e.g. a requisition form) or for patients (e.g. intake, Rx renewal requests, etc.).
      Redirect URL
      This will take the form completer to a specific URL once they're finished completing the eRequest form. You can set this to your own clinic website to redirect them back to your own site.
      Subsite Reference
      This will only apply if you have eRequest fees covered by different payers. More information about subsites can be found in "Creating Separate Bills for Different Ocean Services".
    • Requisition eForm
      Here, you can pick the form that you want to appear on your eRequest link. Pick a favourite group if you want multiple forms to appear in sequence.
      Send a notification email when accepting this eRequest
      This will allow you to send patients a notification by email when the eRequest has been successfully received.
      Note: Forms must be configured to collect and populate email information in order for this feature to work.
      Once the “Active” button is enabled, you will begin getting billed for this eRequest. If you are not ready to activate the eRequest yet, simply disable this option.
    • Click "Create" to finish creating your eRequest link.
  3. Activate your eRequest link.

    • Once you've finished creating and configuring your eRequest link, you can change the "Active" status at any time. In this section, you can also always access your existing eRequest links, configure your eRequest settings, or create new eRequest links at any time.

Publish Your eRequest Link

Once you've configured all your eRequest settings to your liking, the eRequest will be assigned a unique hyperlink. You can publish this unique hyperlink on your website in either of the following 2 ways.

  1. Post a hyperlink on your website to this eRequest.

    • Look in the "eRequest Links" section of the Ocean Portal (in the Admin tab) for your eRequest hyperlink.
    • Post a link to this hyperlink on your website.
  1. Embed the hyperlink within your website using an iFrame.

    • iFrames are special HTML tags that allow you to include secure content from another site within your own site. This will seamlessly embed the hyperlink within an area of your website, allowing your patients to experience the form as though it were located directly on your site.
    • To add the portal to your own website using an iFrame, paste in the following HTML in the desired location on your page.

      <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><iframe width="100%" style="border: none; min-height: 300px;" src="YOUR_OCEAN_PORTAL_URL"></iframe>
    • Change the YOUR_OCEAN_WEBSITE_URL above to the URL you created in the previous step.
    • Note that the "script" tags included above are optional, but they ensure that the iFrame will automatically resize itself to be the height of the questionnaire on the page.
    • Try out the link to your page once you’ve done this.
    • If you examine the HTML source of the page, you’ll find a link to the iFrame like this:

      <iframe style="border: none; min-height: 300px;" src="" width="100%" height="1500px"></iframe>
    • Note that the outer website is, but the questionnaire portal itself is hosted on

View & Manage Your eRequest Submissions

  1. View your eRequest submissions

    • eRequest form submissions can be viewed in the eRequest tab in the Ocean Portal.
    • You can view them in the "New" inbox and triage them accordingly (see screenshot below).
    • To learn more about the different inboxes, please refer to "eRequests Inboxes".
  2. Import your eRequest submissions into your EMR.

    • After you've accepted an eRequest submission, an "Import" window will appear.
PS Suite or Oscar Accuro Other EMR
  • If you are an PS Suite or OSCAR user, if you have a patient chart with matching demographic data, you should have a quick link on the Ocean custom form in your EMR, which will allow you to import a patient's information using the reference number provided. If your eForms are also configured to collect patient demographic fields, these fields should get automatically updated in the patient's chart when you import their eRequest submission.
  1. View your all of your eRequest submission data.

    • You can view all your eRequest submission data by downloading Referral Analytic Data, which are available for download in both the Admin and eRequests tabs of the Ocean Portal.
    • For more details on how to access your eRequests data, please refer to "Accessing eReferral Analytics".