PS Suite: Ocean Basics (Recorded Webinar)

TELUS PS Suite users can learn the basics about how to use Ocean tablets or Ocean Online Messages and how to get more out of your Ocean products in this recorded webinar.

In this recorded webinar session, we cover the basics (and even some not-so-basic stuff) to help you become familiar with the many tools available to you in Ocean. By following the link to the recorded webinar above, you have the choice of viewing the whole event or simply watching the sections you are most interested in.

Click on the images below to view the recorded webinar

You can also download the accompanying handout with step-by-step instructions to everything we cover in the webinar:

PS Suite & Ocean Webinar Handout

PS Suite: Basic Ocean Workflow

Download this guide!

  1. Insert the Ocean custom form.

    • Click the Ocean logo on the Ocean toolbar to insert the Ocean custom form into you patient's chart.
    • You can select a form for your patient to complete by clicking on “Add Form” or “Favourite” to select from a list of your commonly-used forms (see "Configure eForm Favourites" to learn how to set up your favourite Ocean eForms).
  2. Select your patient's method of completing form(s).

    • On a Tablet:
      Find the 3- or 4-digit patient number on the Ocean custom form and enter it on the Ocean Tablet homepage.
      From Home:
      Select “Email Patient” on the Ocean custom form to open the email window and send the patient a link to complete the form(s) on their home computer, tablet or smartphone.
      On Your Computer:
      Select “Open” on the Ocean custom form to open the form in a browser to be previewed or completed.
  3. View the clinical note in your patient's chart.

    • Ocean will automatically generate and download a clinical note based on the patient responses that can be viewed in the patient chart.

PS Suite: Guide to the Ocean Custom Form

The Ocean custom form for PSS will allow you to access Ocean directly from the patient's chart.

This article will describe the various Ocean features that can be accessed from the custom form. To download and learn how to install the Ocean custom form, please refer to "Download & Install the Ocean Custom Form and Toolbar".

3-Digit Patient Ref:
The 3-digit number above the "Add Favourite" button is the patient's Ocean reference number. When this number is entered into the Ocean Tablet app, it will subsequently pull up any eForms that have been queued for this specific patient (in addition to eForms that are triggered based on Tablet Rules).
Add Favourite:
This will allow you to select certain form(s) for the patient that you have pre-selected as "Favourites" in the Ocean web portal. To learn how to set up your eForm favourites, please refer to "Configure eForm Favourites".
Add Form:
This will allow you to search for and select any form(s) that exist in the eForm library. Once you've selected your form(s), you can enter the patient ref into your tablet for the patient to complete.
Email Patient:
This will allow you to send a secure message or web questionnaire for the patient to receive via email to complete at home. Note that there is a separate fee for online messaging (please refer to our pricing plans). Please refer to "Basic Online Messaging Workflow" to learn more about how to send emails to patient through Ocean.
The paperclip icon can be used to create PDF versions of clinical notes, which can then be attached to a secure message or printed. To learn more about how to take advantage of the paperclip icon, please see "Creating a PDF attachment to Add to a Secure Message".
This will allow you to open and complete an eForm in a web browser on your own computer. Note that if you do not have an Ocean Online subscription, a per-form completion fee will apply.
This will remove the Ocean custom form from the patient's chart.
This will launch a web browser and open the Ocean Portal. From the web portal, you can access patient notes that have not yet been downloaded, incoming eRequests, access Ocean Studies settings and data, configuring your tablet settings, creating and browsing through eForms, and configuring your administrative settings.
This will give you several options to receive support for using Ocean, including accessing our library of support articles, our setup guide, our support team, and the custom form log.
This requires you to have an administrative Ocean account. Once you enter your Ocean credentials, you will be able access your site's admin settings, including viewing your Ocean site number, viewing your shared encryption key, updating your custom form, and accessing advanced settings (if needed).
Find Health Service:
This will allow you to access the Ocean eReferral Network directly, where you can send and/or receive eReferrals, if you are set up as an Ocean eReferrer. For more information, please visit the Ocean eReferral Network website.

PS Suite: Customizing the "Add Form" Link in the Ocean Toolbar

This article describes how to create a link on the Ocean toolbar that adds a specific eForm to the patient's queue.

1. Enter a patient's chart in PS Suite. Enter Settings at the top of the screen and select "Edit Custom Forms...".

2. Search for and double click the Ocean Toolbar.

3. Click on the "Add Form" link on the toolbar.

4. Copy this link and then paste it.

5. Drag the new link to a new spot on the toolbar.

6. In the window along the right, change the name of your new link in the "Text" field. To customize your link, add your eForm ref within the quotation marks in the "Click Event" field.

Note: You can find your eForm's ref by previewing your eForm and looking within its URL: 

For example, if you wanted your new link to add the PHQ-9 form, your "Click Event" field would be: 

insertOcean("addForm phq9")

7. Save your changes and exit this window.

8. Enter another patient's chart and your toolbar should be updated. Clicking your new link should now add the form that you desired.