Site Account

Site Name:
This is the name that was given to your site by the person who registered your site in Ocean. You can change your site name at any time.
Site Number:
This is your Ocean site number. Keep this handy, as it will allow you to connect your EMR to Ocean and can be helpful for the CognisantMD team for troubleshooting if you ever run into any issues.
Finance Administrator Email:
This email address will be cc'ed on invoices sent to your site's payer every month. If your payer is the only person who is to receive Ocean invoices, you can leave this box blank.
Clinical Administrator Email:
This email address will receive any miscellaneous Ocean system messages, including, but not limited to, pending eReferral requests, study export alerts, Ocean reminder-related messages, etc.
Referral Notification Email:
If you are an eReferral receiver, you can define which email address gets sent notifications about new eReferral requests. If this is the same as your Clinical Administrator Email, you can leave this box blank.
Email 'From' Address:
By default, emails sent to patients through Ocean will be sent from "". If validated successfully, Ocean will send patient emails using this value as the 'from' address. Note that at this time, this feature is only available to sites with their own email domain. Validation is performed by querying the SPF record, which is a record in your domain's DNS settings.
Email Friendly Name:
By default, emails sent to patients through Ocean will be sent from "". If set, emails sent by Ocean on your behalf will be tagged with this value so that they are more easily recognizable by patients. Typically, this would be your clinic name, but it can be any value. Emails will still be sent from "" unless you are using the "Email 'From' Address" feature, described above.
The province/state where your site is located.
Time Zone:
The time zone within which your site is located.

Site Features

Accept eReferrals:
Check this box if your site is listed in the directory and you are set up to accept eReferrals.
Client Type:
Leave this as the default "Standard Clinic", unless you are a site that ONLY sends and/or receives eReferrals.
Digits for Generated Patient Refs:
This will allow you to change the number of digits required for Ocean-generated patient reference numbers (i.e. the code you enter into tablets to retrieve a specific patient's queued forms). Read more about this feature in "I see a lot of patients and am running out of Ocean-generated reference numbers. How do I increase the number of digits for patient refs?".
Automatic eReferral Status Notification:
Check this box if you would like your site and your patients to receive automatic notification emails whenever the status of an eReferral related to them has been updated.
Overdue Secure Message Notifications:
This will allow you choose whether to get notified about all patients with overdue secure messages (using the "Notify me after ___ days" feature of the secure messaging feature) or only newly overdue secure messages.
Require Form Memory for New Patients:
Check this box if you have forms that require form memory (e.g. forms with firstTime tablet rules). Read more about Form Memory in "Form Memory - Storing Form Values for Patients in Ocean".
Display Email Body as Read-Only:
Check this box to prevent patients from replying to the "" email. Patients will still be able to reply to secure messages if "Allow reply" has been set up in the secure messaging feature.
Delete All Patients in Site?:
This button will delete all the patients you have loaded in the Patients tab of your Ocean Portal. Ensure that all your patients' notes are downloaded before proceeding with this deletion.


This section of the Admin tab is where you can manage user access to your Ocean portal site. From this screen, you can add new user(s) to your site, grant user(s) administrative privileges to your site, subscribe to an OceanPlus subscription, and remove user(s) from your site.


This section of the Admin tab will allow you to set up the shared encryption key for your site and to access your shared encryption key in the future, after it's been set up. 

Directory Listings

If you have an eRequest link set up or you are a site set up with eReferrals, this is where you can edit what your directory listing looks like in our public Ocean eReferral Network.

Contact Information:
Basic contact information for your site.
Service Details:
Information about services that your site offers.
eReferral Policy:
Set up your time frame between which you want your referrals to be due or split incoming referrals into separate referrals (if you offer multiple services).
Link a Google Places ID, mark your site as a Test Listing, or a Central Intake site (if applicable).

Note: You need to set up and claim your directory listing to be able to edit it from this window. To learn more about setting up a directory listing, please refer to the linked articles for setting up an eRequest link or eReferrals.

eRequest Links

This is where you can configure your settings if you have an eRequest link set up for your patients to fill out eForms. To learn more about eRequests and setting them up, please refer to our Guide to Creating an eRequest Link.

eRequest Management

If you are an eReferral receiver, this section will allow you to create and edit canned responses for eReferral notifications. Once you've booked an appointment for a patient, you can set add canned comments that can be sent to the patient in advance of their appointment.

For more information about setting these up, please refer to "Creating Canned Responses for eReferral Bookings".

Ocean Reminders

This section will allow you to configure Ocean Reminders, which are automated emails sent to patients before or after their scheduled appointment. To learn more about Ocean Reminders, please refer to "Ocean Reminders (Overview)".

Note: As of right now, Ocean Reminders are ONLY available for clients who are using either Accuro or TELUS PS Suite.


From the Billing section, you can choose a username to be your site's payer (this user will receive emails for monthly Ocean invoices), set up subsites (if you have different payers for specific users on an Ocean site), and access all your current and previous invoices and payment details.

To learn more about Ocean billing procedures, please refer to our Ocean Billing Overview.

The "View My Account" Page

Users can use the "View My Account" page to customize their Ocean account and billing settings.

  • The "Account" page can be accessed by clicking your name at the top right-hand corner of the Ocean portal and selecting "View My Accountstrong>" from the dropdown menu.
Account Tab Billing Tab Delegates Tab
  • In the Account tab, you can edit your contact and user information (top half), as well as your clinical contact information for eReferrals (bottom half).
Email Address:
This is the email address associated with your Ocean account.
Clinical Delegate Email:
This email address will receive clinical notification emails associated with any emails sent by this Ocean user (e.g. patient replies, patient form completions, etc.). If left blank, Ocean will default to sending these emails to the email address associated with your Ocean account.
Referral Notification Email:
If you are part of the Ocean eReferral Network, this email address will receive notifications associated with any referrals that you have sent (e.g. booking confirmations, edits, etc.)
City, Clinic/Hospital Name:
These fields are optional, but are helpful in ensuring that you are associated with the correct Ocean site.
EMR User Name:
This is the user name associated with your EMR login. Your EMR user name and your Ocean user name MUST match in order to enable smooth integration with your EMR. For PS Suite and OSCAR users, this field will automatically update if you launch Ocean from the Ocean custom form.
Subsite Reference:
If you are associated with a subsite within your Ocean site (for separate billing purposes), you can select the appropriate subsite from here. If your site has no subsites, leave this field set to "None".
If you wish, you can subscribe to daily or weekly Ocean usage reports, to see assess how and when your Ocean features are being used.
Clinical contact information:
Here you can edit the contact information that will appear on the Ocean eReferral Network (if you have an eRequest link or are part of the eReferral network).
If you're sending an eReferral, this information is pulled into the "Referrer's Information" fields at the bottom of the referral form.
You'll want to ensure your Clinician Type is set correctly to one of the following: Allied Health Professional, Family Physician, Medical Student, MOA/Secretary, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Resident, Specialist, or Other.