Ocean Set Up Guide

Getting up and running with Ocean is easy. This guide should cover everything you need, but if you have any trouble submit a support ticket.

Sign Up for your free Ocean user account

To create your free account, visit ocean.cognisantmd.com This will give you unlimited access to download our library of point-of-care tools and questionnaires.

FOR ACCURO USERS: Please use this link to register for your free Ocean account.

Guide to the Ocean Web Portal

The Ocean web portal can be accessed here. If you have an Ocean account, signing into the portal will allow you to view and configure all the various features of Ocean.

Note: If you ever run into any troubles while using the Ocean web portal, you can contact access our support portal at any time by selecting the "Support" link at the bottom lefthand corner of any page in the Ocean web portal. From there, you can access our library of support articles and/or submit a ticket to our support team to find an answer to your question(s). Otherwise, you can always reach out to our support team at any time by emailing support@cognisantmd.com.


Patients Tab

In the Patients tab, you can view all of your patients who have been loaded into Ocean.

From there, you can click on any of the patients listed to view any clinical notes that are generated from this patient completing eForm(s). From this window, you can also queue an eForm for this patient, email them, send an eReferral for them through the health services directory, remove them from Ocean, and access advanced settings for them (if needed). 

You also have more options available to you in the Actions menu at the bottom left of this tab, including creating a new patient in Ocean, synchronizing your appointments (for Accuro clients only), uploading a cohort of patients, emailing a patient cohort, or exporting a patient cohort.


eRequests Tab

In the eRequests tab, you can access results for eForm that have been completed and submitted through a publicly-available Ocean link (i.e. eRequests links or eReferrals).

From here, you can view details about any eRequest submissions by clicking on a specific entry listed.

The different options in the menu along the left will allow you to view your inbox of eRequest submissions. Below that at the bottom left, you also have more options available to you in the expandable Actions menu. This Actions menu will allow you to create a new inbound eRequest, view Ocean's Health Services Directory, export eReferral analytics data, update your wait times, and search through your eReferral history.

Note: If you are interested using eRequests or eReferrals, an additional fee will apply for these Ocean services (please refer to our pricing page). If you would like to set up an eRequests link (i.e. having an eForm available for patients to complete on a publicly-available online link), please refer to our eRequest Setup Guide. To learn more about Ocean's eReferral Network, please click here.


Studies Tab

In the Studies tab, you can create, configure, and export data from your Ocean Studies. To learn more about Ocean Studies, please refer to our Guide to Studies.

Note: An additional fee will apply if you would like to use Ocean Studies (see our pricing page). For more information about Ocean Studies and the different study levels available, please email our support team at support@cognisantmd.com


Tablets Tab

In the Tablets tab, you can configure the settings for all the tablet(s) registered to your site, such as creating an introduction screen for your tablets, automatically queuing forms for patients, and more. Click here to learn more about what tablet settings are available for you to customize to your liking.


eForms Tab

In the eForms tab, you can browse through, create, and edit your site's library of eForms. To learn more about customizing your eForms, please refer to our Guide to Building eForms.

From the menu on the left, you can also configure your eForm Favourites and customize how your Ocean-generated clinical notes are formatted.


Admin Tab

In the Admin tab, you can configure all of the administrative settings for your Ocean site. You will need to have administrative access to your Ocean site to be able to view and edit these settings. To learn more about all the different administrative settings in this tab, please refer to our Guide to the Admin Tab.