PS Suite: Part 2: Setting Up OceanConnect with the TELUS API

In this section, you will set up your OceanConnect device and connect to the TELUS API. To learn more about OceanConnect, please refer to "Understanding OceanConnect".

  1. Upgrade Instructions for Existing Ocean Clients
    • In order to take advantage of the new Ocean features that come with the TELUS API, you will first need to upgrade your Ocean custom form and toolbar.
    • If you're a new client, proceed directly to Step 2.
  2. Enable OceanConnect on Your Ocean Custom Form
    • This will allow you to connect to the new TELUS API and take advantage of its accompanying features.
  3. Set Up Your Dedicated OceanConnect Device
    • This step will describe which tablet settings to optimize on your dedicated OceanConnect tablet and how to register your OceanConnect tablet with your specific Ocean site.
    • These settings are important to ensure that Ocean and your EMR are connected reliably.
  4. Add Your Mobile OceanConnect Device in PS Suite
    • To set up your OceanConnect tablet, you will need to register it as a mobile device linked to your PS Suite EMR.
    • In this step, you will create a new PS Suite user to host this mobile device and obtain the mobile activation code needed to register your OceanConnect tablet as this mobile device.
    • Note: You will need to be an admin user in PS Suite to complete this step.
  5. Configure the OceanConnect App
    • The final setup step is to configure your OceanConnect app by entering the mobile activation code that you obtained in Step 2.
    • Once successfully activated, your setup is complete!
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