PS Suite: Part 1: Setting Up the Ocean Custom Form

In this section, you will install the Ocean custom form and toolbar, enabling quick access to Ocean patient forms and features, right from the chart.

  1. Download & Install the Ocean Custom Form and Toolbar
    • To start, you will need to download 2 .cfm files and import them into your PS Suite EMR.
  2. Create a Reminder Trigger for the Ocean Toolbar
    • To set your Ocean Toolbar to be visible and available to use for all your patients, you'll want to create a reminder for the Ocean Toolbar custom form.
  3. Configure the Ocean Custom Form
    • To link your Ocean custom form with your Ocean site number, you will need to configure the Settings on your Ocean custom form.
    • To complete this step, you will need to be an admin on your Ocean site, and you will need your Ocean username, password, and site shared encryption key.
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