PS Suite: Set Up OceanConnect to Support Walk-In Patients

Note: This is an optional step for kiosk set-up.

Ocean kiosks now support check-in for walk-in patients. To enable this feature, please follow the steps below.

  1. Enable walk-in patients in the Ocean Portal.

    • Log in to the Ocean Portal and navigate to the Admin tab.
    • Enter the "Site Features" section and check the "Accept Walk-In Patients (BETA)" checkbox.
    • Save your changes.
  2. Create your walk-in provider schedule in PS Suite.

    • Open the Appointment screen from the PS Suite dashboard.
    • From the Appointments menu, hover over "Add Provider" and select "Another Resource".
    • You will then see a warning against changing provider setups. Click "Continue" to proceed.
    • Next you will see the "Add Provider" window.
    • Type in your walk-in provider name and initials.
    • Leave the "Billing MD" field empty and match your interval to the same as your other providers' schedules.
    • Set the "Missing bills" field to "Appointments in this schedule are billed by any doctor".
    • Click "OK" to save your changes.
    • You can now view your new provider's appointment schedule by selecting "All Providers" or your walk-in provider's name from the Providers menu on the PS Suite appointment schedule.
  3. Set your walk-in provider details in the OceanConnect app.

    • Access your OceanConnect tablet and open the OceanConnect app.
    • Type in your walk-in provider name and initials. Make sure that the name exactly matches the walk-in provider calendar's name that you just created in PS Suite.
    • Enter in the name of your walk-in provider that you just created a schedule for in the "Walk-In Provider Schedule" field and then click "Save Configuration".

Now, if a walk-in patient checks in on the kiosk, an appointment will be created for them in the walk-in provider's schedule in PS Suite. From there, you can either move the appointment to other providers' schedules or have your walk-in providers consult the new walk-in provider appointment schedule.

  • If they are an existing patient at the clinic, the appointment will be tied to their chart in PS Suite.
  • If the patient is new to the clinic, they will be prompted to provide their first and last name.

To see the walk-in workflow in action, download the following demo.

Demo: Walk-In/Urgent Care
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