Action Menu - eForm Actions

EForm Actions allow you to use scripting to show another form or email the patient, based on a patient’s answers to the current form questions.

Triggering a form to display based on a patient's responses on another form:

An example: You wish to display the suicidal ideation form when a patient responds that they have thoughts of self-harm on the PHQ-9.

Select eForm Actions from the PHQ-9 form. Enter the expression si.p != 0 [where si is your item reference and p. !=0 means that the answer is not equal to 0]. You would then search for the suicidal ideation form under "Form Ref". 

The result is that if you answer "Yes" to a suicidal ideation question on the PHQ-9, Ocean will automatically pull up the Suicidal Ideation form. Test it out!

Please refer to this article for more examples of useful expressions.

Triggering an email to send to the patient based on the patient's responses to this form:

An example: You wish to send the patient some additional information because they have indicated that they are experiencing pain.

Select "Send Email" from the dropdown options under the Action column. Type in the subject of your email and the message you wish to send to the patient in the Body. This message will send as an email to the patient from "". 


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