Action Menu - eForm Properties

The Action menu allows you to control some of the form’s more advanced features. You will find the action menu in the top right corner of the eForm editor. The action menu contains a variety of features. This article will cover eForm Properties.

Form Properties

The Form Properties menu includes 3 tabbed sections:

  • General
  • Form Memory & Data Storage
  • Sharing & Licensing

This section of the guide will display each of these sections with a brief explanation of the features available.


  • Display Top-Level Sections as Separate Pages: Allows you to split a form into separate pages. When selected, each new "top level" section will automatically create a new page (sections created within sections do not generate pages).
  • Short Title: Creates a short title for your form for easier searching in the eForm library.
  • Keywords: Allows you to set keywords for easier searching from the Forms tab in the Ocean Portal or within the custom form (for some integrated EMRs).
  • References: Allows you to add references to your form with links to related URLs. 

Form Memory & Data Storage:


  • Form Memory: Allows Ocean to remember that a patient completed a form. See this article for more information about Form Memory.
  • Save the form answers as: Allows you to determine whether form answers should be saved as a clinical note, study data, or both.
  • Percent Complete Expression: Allows forms submitted with a calculated Percent Complete less than 100 to remain in the patient queue.

FORM MEMORY EXAMPLE: Displaying a smoking screen once a year

  • Enable the form memory so that Ocean knows whether or not the patient completed a form this year
  • Alternatively, you can use form memory based on a script expression. Commonly used script expressions include: RememberIf, daysSinceLastCompleted, firstTime, etc.
  • Note: The default is always false!

Sharing & Licensing

  • List in directory: We promote sharing of eForms across sites. If you do not want to your form to be visible to other Ocean users, select this checkbox.
  • Cost per use: Allows you to charge a fee for the use of site forms that you develop. Ocean will automatically calculate the processing fee and the amount received after the cost per use is entered. Custom licensing terms can be entered in the Custom Licence text box.  


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