Scripting and More Tab - The Basics

The "Scripting and More" tab provides a series of more advanced functions, including the ability to show or hide sections, include or omit parts of the clinical note, calculate scores and codify tablet behaviour. An explanation of the fields in this section follows in the image below.

Item reference:
This allows you to name your items. You will want to name your items if you wish to hide them under certain conditions or if you are using them in formulas.
Study export column header:
When using a form for Ocean Studies, this field allows you to define how the column headers will appear when the date is exported as an .xls file.
Field validation:
Use this field to force answers to questions by selecting “non-empty”. You can also dictate the type of answer (e.g., email address, postal code etc.).
Show this field if / Make Note if:
Use this to show or hide items (or make a clinical note) depending on answers to previous questions or other patient information (e.g., male versus female). See examples below.
If you have selected formula as your question type, you will enter your formula here. See examples in the box below.

EXAMPLES: "Show this field if"

  • Display a question to patients that meet a specific demographic: If you are creating a general health assessment form and you want to ask about the possibility of pregnancy, you can choose to show this field to female patients only [show this field if: pt.isFemale()].
  • Display a question to people who respond to a question in a particular way: To determine if a smoking cessation counseling. You could ask the patient whether or not they smoke (no/yes) [item reference = smoking]. If the answer is yes, you can show the next question about whether or not they are interested in quitting (no/yes) [show this field if smoking.r == ‘Y’]. When using this field, please note that .p refers to that item’s point value (numeric), whereas .r refers to that item’s response choice (e.g., “N” for no, “Y” for yes).
  • To analyze a field with a menu-based answer, use the ".r" value in combination with Javascript's String.indexOf() function like this: Show this field if:   myMenuItem.r.indexOf("myAnswer") >= 0, where "myAnswer" is the specific menu choice that you wish to flag.

EXAMPLES: "Formula"


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