PS Suite: Basic Ocean Workflow

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  1. Insert the Ocean custom form.

    • Click the Ocean logo on the Ocean toolbar to insert the Ocean custom form into you patient's chart.
    • You can select a form for your patient to complete by clicking on “Add Form” or “Favourite” to select from a list of your commonly-used forms (see "Configure eForm Favourites" to learn how to set up your favourite Ocean eForms).
  2. Select your patient's method of completing form(s).

    • On a Tablet:
      Find the 3- or 4-digit patient number on the Ocean custom form and enter it on the Ocean Tablet homepage.
      From Home:
      Select “Email Patient” on the Ocean custom form to open the email window and send the patient a link to complete the form(s) on their home computer, tablet or smartphone.
      On Your Computer:
      Select “Open” on the Ocean custom form to open the form in a browser to be previewed or completed.
  3. View the clinical note in your patient's chart.

    • Ocean will automatically generate and download a clinical note based on the patient responses that can be viewed in the patient chart.
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