Getting Started: Manually Selecting Forms for a Patient in PSS

Click here to download a printable pdf version of this guide.

STEP 1. Click the Ocean button in the toolbar to insert the Ocean custom form.

STEP 2. From the Ocean custom form, select the form(s) you would like the patient to complete

You can select a form by clicking on “Add Form” to search or clicking on “Add Favourite” to select from a list of your commonly-used forms (Favourites must be set up in the Ocean Portal).

STEP 3. Select where you want your patient to complete their forms

On a Tablet:  Find the 3-or-4 digit patient number on the Ocean custom form and enter it on the Ocean Tablet homepage.

From Home: Select “Email Patient” on the Ocean custom form to open the email window and send the patient a link to complete the form(s) on their home computer, tablet or smartphone.

On Your Computer:  Select “Open” on the Ocean custom form to open the form in a browser to be previewed or completed.

STEP 4. View the clinical note in the patient chart

Ocean will automatically generate a clinical note based on the patient responses that can be viewed in the patient chart.

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