Note Formatting Tab - Note Formatting for Items

The note-formatting tab allows you to customize the way that the clinical note will appear in the patient's chart in your EMR. The image below provides you with an overview of the options contained in this section.

Custom Note:
Generate a custom note for this item instead of the caption (the default).
Note for Yes-type/No-type answers:
Overrides the note for affirmative or negative answers (e.g. “Currently smoking” instead of “Smoking: Yes”.
Flag for Yes-type/No-type answers:
Sets the colour of the note for positive/negative answers.
Ordinal for this note:
Allows you to present this note in a different order from the layout in a section. To set this, enter a number indicating the order in which the note should be presented, relative to the other questions. Note that this function will only work for items within the same section and ALL items in the section must have an ordinal number associated with it.
Show the note for this item:
Allows you to present the note associated with this question on its own line or on the same line as the questions surrounding it.
This item's answer should be:
Selecting the "placed within quotes" checkbox puts quotation marks around answers, if desired.
Create a note for this item:
Allows you to choose if you want to create a note for this question if it is completed, always, never, or if certain specific conditions are satisfied.
Prepopulate this item with:
Use keywords to set value, e.g. “@ptFirstName”.
Populate answer for EMR Field:
Map the patient response to a pre-set field in the EMR (“EMRField”) using keywords.


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