General Tab - Adding eForm Items & Item Types

When you select Add Item, you will be see a menu similar to the one displayed below in the screenshot below. The basic options include a General tab, a Note Formatting tab, and a Scripting and More tab.

The General tab is used to select the type of question or item you are adding and to update the text or question. It includes two fields:

Where you type in the question / question label.
This drop-down menu provides you with a list of possible question format options.

Item Types

Ocean provides a wide range of question types and items that can be added to a form. The table below provides an overview of each option.

No/Yes, No/Yes/Not Sure
Shows the caption plus yes/no/not sure buttons.
[√] Checkbox
A simple checkbox. Good for lists of symptoms. Tip: use no/yes type if you need to distinguish “no” from “unchecked”.
Text Field, Text Field (Numeric Only), Text Area
Text responses. Minimize use on tablets as much as possible. “Text area” allows multi-line responses.
Menu, Menu Allowing Multiple Selections
Drop-down menu or collection of buttons. Use the “choices” tab to add menu choices.
For any read-only text. Good for instructions, consent form text, etc.
Shows a calendar control.
Approximate Date, Approximate Duration
Presents menu of suitable choices. Adjust the units to choose from using the "Minimum Acuity" dropdown.
Numeric Scale
Can be used for simple numeric scales, visual/analog scales, Likert scales, etc. More on this next.
Displays an image file. You can upload the image in the editor.
Displays a video file. You can upload the video by entering the video key.
A special item that calculates an expression to generate a number or string. Used for scores, generating hyperlinks in generated notes, etc. Requires information in the Scripting & More tab.


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