Creating a New Form & Understanding Form Structure

Creating a New Form

  1. Select "Create New Form". You will be asked to agree to the licence terms. Select "I Agree" to continue.
  2. Name your form.
  3. This will open the eForm editor window. You are now ready to get started.
  4. Choose either "Add Item" or "Add Section" to get started.
    • Add Item: A single question.
    • Add Section: A group of related items or questions that include a header. Sections are used to visually define and separate areas on a form. When building a multi-page form, Sections are used to define a page.

Understanding Form Structure

Most forms follow a basic format using items within sections as displayed in the diagram below. If you are creating a short, simple form, you can use items without a section. For more complex forms that include formulas, sections are recommended.


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