Menu Choice Tab - Editing Menu Choices

When you select Menu (a drop-down menu allowing only one selection) or Menu Allowing Multiple Selections (a series of buttons that allows multiple selections) as your question format, an additional tab called “menu choices” will automatically appear. The diagram below displays the functionality of each option.

Left Field:
Defines the value gets captured in the clinical note.
First Point:
The point value is the point response and is returned as the value for intermediate points. The first point determines the lower bound. Points can be useful for scored forms and/or for configuring "Show this field if" feature in the Scripting and More tab.
Second Point:
The second choice dictates the step size.
Final Point:
The final point determines the max point value.
Custom Note:
Allows you to define the custom text that appears in the clinical note, if the patient selects this particular answer.
Custom Label:
Custom labels that show up in as the dropdown menu options. Leave these boxes blank to have no label.
Allows you to add a colour to the response.


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