Getting Started with eForms

This article is part of a series on building eForms in Ocean. You can also download the "Guide to Building eForms" as a pdf.

To get started, log in to the Ocean portal and select the eForms tab. From here, you can find and edit any form using the search bar or you can create a new form by selecting "Create New Form" (see below).

To preview some of our favourite forms, please visit our website here.


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2. Creating a New Form & Understanding Form Structure 9. Action Menu - eForm Properties
3. General Tab - Adding eForm Items & Item Types 10. Action Menu - eForm Actions
4. Menu Choices Tab - Editing Menu Choices 11. Editing an Existing Form
5. Note Formatting Tab - Note Formatting for Items 12. Helpful eForm & Note Formatting Tips
6. Scripting & More Tab - The Basics 13. Formatting Clinical Notes that Appear with Completed eForms or Sections
7. Adding a Section - Overview 14. Using Keywords to Automatically Insert Content

8. Multi-Page eForms


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