Getting Started with eReferrals - Receiving Clinician

Get started with receiving eReferrals through Ocean by reading through this handy getting started guide.  Click here to download a PDF version of this guide.

STEP 1. Add Your Site 

Visit the Ocean Health Service Directory and search for your site.

If your site doesn't exist already, select "Add New Listing..." from the menu at the top right, enter your information, and save the listing.

STEP 2. Claim Your Site

Search for your site again and select "Update listing...". If necessary, update your listing information. 

Then, click "Is this your organization? Claim it here." and save your listing.

STEP 3. Confirm Your Site & Settings

Once you've claimed your site, let us know at so that we can validate your site as a legitimate clinic for accepting patient data.

Once we've confirmed that your site has been validated, log in to the Ocean portal and navigate to the Admin tab. In the Site Features section (selected from the menu on the left), ensure the "Accept eReferrals" is checked off.

STEP 4. Manage Your Referrals

Once you receive a new eReferral or if there is a status change in any of your eReferrals, your clinic's public email (i.e. the email address that is shown on your directory listing at will be sent a notification email. The patient will also be sent email updates about their eReferral, provided that an email address was included in the original referral.

All incoming eReferrals will appear in under the eRequests tab in the Ocean portal.

Click on any new request to manage its next steps.

STEP 5. Import eReferral Requests

Once you accept an eReferral, you will be provided with an optional import code and a "Download" link.

For PSS and Oscar users: If you have a chart with matching demographic data, you can enter this code into after clicking the "Import" button on the Ocean custom form to upload the patient's information into their chart. 

For Accuro and other EMR users: You can save the referral information as a PDF and add it to the chart using the document uploader.

Visit our eReferrals website to access downloadable resources and to learn more about Ocean eReferrals.

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