Getting Started with eReferrals - Sending Clinician

Get started with sending eReferrals through Ocean by reading through this handy getting started guide. Click here to download a PDF version of this guide.

STEP 1. Initiate Your Ocean eReferral

With an Ocean account, you can initiate an Ocean eReferral the EMR link to the eReferral Portal or directly from the Ocean Health Services Directory

For PSS and Oscar users: Insert the Ocean custom form and select "Find Health Service". 

For Accuro users: You can add as a bookmark in your CDS menu for quick access.

The above EMR links will take you directly to the eReferral Portal. To access the Ocean Health Services Directory directly, visit

STEP 2. Select a Referral Site

Choose a service and/or search for a specific site in the Ocean Health Services Directory. Once you find the service/site that you're looking for, select it and click "Send eReferral".

If the "Send eReferral" button isn't there, the site you've chosen does not accept eReferrals. However, you can still print a paper referral for that site by clicking "Print eReferral".

STEP 3. Send Your eReferral

Complete the eReferral form, as needed. If you sending a referral from an EMR link, patient information will autopopulate the form. Click the "eRefer" button to send your eReferral.

Once sent, you will see a confirmation window. If you are using a non-integrated EMR, you can copy and paste this information directly into your EMR.

STEP 4. View Your eReferral

For PSS users:

For OSCAR users:

For Accuro users:

STEP 5. Check the Status of Your eReferral

You can view and check the status of your eReferral in the Ocean portal:

You will also automatically receive email updates when the status of your eReferral changes (i.e. if it's booked, cancelled, or changed).

Visit our eReferrals website to access downloadable resources and to learn more about Ocean eReferral Network. 

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