Reverse Coding in Ocean eForms

Occasionally, when developing scales using Likert-type questions, you will find yourself needing to reverse code some of the items. For example, an item such as "I don't like working with computers" scored from 1-5, with 1 being strongly disagree and 5 being strongly agree, should be re-coded so that the negative answer is associated with the lower score. Re-coding is especially important if the item is being used in a formula to compute a scale score. 

In Ocean, your reverse coding formula would be as follows:

New score = (max + min) - response

Here is an example: 

You have provided your patient with a 3-question survey scored on a 5 point-scale. Questions 1 and 2 are reverse coded. You would like to calculate a mean score for the survey. 

Survey responses: q1. 5 q2. 4 q3. 1

Ocean formula: ((6 - q1.p) + (6 - q2.p) + (q3.p)) / 3 

Mean scale score: ((6-5)+(6-4)+1)/3 = 1.33

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