Tablet Rules

To get the most out of your Ocean tablets, you may want to consider adding tablet rules that trigger forms to appear automatically. While the possibilities for creating rules are endless, below you will find some of the more commonly used rules.

  • To add rules to your tablet(s):

    • Log in to the Ocean Portal and navigate to the Tablets tab.
    • Choose "Edit" for the tablet group that you want to add the rule to.
    • Enter the Rules tab and choose "Create Rule".
    • From the list of forms that pops up, choose the form for which you would like to create a rule.
    • Click "Choose" to add a rule line for that form.
    • Type (or copy and paste from the suggestions at the bottom of that tab) your JavaScript rule in the "Trigger" text box to define when you want this form to show up automatically.

If you have other rules that you would like to share with the Ocean community, please contact us at

Examples of Helpful Tablet Rules:

Action Suggested eForm Rule
Conduct a patient intake for all new patients New patient registration
Request email consent once per year Email consent
daysSinceLastCompleted > 365
Ask about smoking status for all patients over the age of 14 Smoking screen
pt.getAge() > 14
Display information about the clinic policy for all patients * Develop your own or select from the shared forms library
Conduct a PHQ9 for all of Dr. Smith’s patients PHQ-9
ScriptUtil.getKeyword('@ptClinicDoc') == 'John Smith'
Assess falls risk for all patients over the age of 65 once per year Canadian Staying Independent Checklist - Falls Prevention
pt.getAge() > 65 && daysSinceLastCompleted > 365
Ask female patients aged 50 and older if they would like a mammogram Mammogram invitation
pt.isFemale() && pt.getAge() >= 50
Collect information in advance of a periodic health exam PHE
pt.getReasonForVisit().indexOf('PHE') != -1

Note: This rule functions for Accuro and PS Suite users only.

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