PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 3.55 Release Notes

  • Fixes a bug that would sometimes cause the custom form to disappear prematurely before the patient's session is complete.

    (Details: This issue only occurred when a secure message was sent to a patient without the patient's acknowledgment. In this case, when the chart was opened, it would attempt to download a note regardless of whether a note was available for download. It would then receive an error when there was no note available, and respond by removing itself automatically.

    Now the form makes use of a new field on the server that indicates whether a note is actually available before it attempts to do an automatic download.)

  • For 'Add Form', it now skips doing a (very slow) search when users forget to type something for the name

  • Fix for the automatic CPP population of smoking status: It would set 'Ex-Smoker' for some patients when the answers actually indicated 'Never smoked'.

  • Expanded the width of the patient ref field to avoid cutting off any portion of the text when a full 5 digits are used
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