PS Suite: Setting Ocean to Automatically Trigger PSS Messages Based on a Patient Responses

Yes, it is possible to trigger a PSS message based on a patient's response in an Ocean form (or based on completion of a form). Please note that you need to be familiar with a few of the more advanced aspects of Ocean-PSS integration. 

We built a special custom form just for this purpose, which is available in the Ocean Library titled, "Ocean - Send Message". In order to trigger a message, you will need to follow the steps below:

1. Download the "Ocean - Send Message" custom form from the Ocean Library and install it in PSS like you would with any other PSS custom form. 

2. Next, back in the Ocean portal, select the form that you would like to use to trigger the PSS message and open it in the eForm editor. You will be adding several formula items to the bottom of this form.

3. To add the first item, select "Add Item" and change the item type to Formula.

4. In the Note Formatting tab, set "Create a Note for this Item" to "never".

5. Under the Scripting and More tab, add the item reference "pssCF", set "Show this field if" to "false" and enter 'Ocean - Send Message' in the formula field. Please note that text in the formula field needs to be surrounded by single quotes. 

6. Repeat steps 3-5 to add a second formula item to set the user that will receive the message.

7. Instead of using the item reference "pssCF", this time use "msgTarget" and enter the PSS user initials into the "Formula" box. In the example below, the PSS user initials are HT (remember to use the single quotes in the "Formula" box).

8. Again, repeat steps 3-5 to add a third formula item to configure the body of the message.

9. This time use the item reference "msgBody" and type your message into the "Formula" box. In the example below, the message shown to the user will be 'Pt. completed the test form'. 

10. Repeat steps 3-5 to create a fourth formula item to set the message timing.

11. This time, use the item reference "dueAfterXDays" and type a number in the "Formula" box. In the example below, 0 days have been entered, which means that the message will display as soon as the chart is opened. 

12. You can also repeat steps 3-5 to add an optional 5th formula item in order to give your message a title.

13. This time, use the item reference of "msgTitle". In the example below, the message title is 'Test form alert'.

14. Once you have completed these steps, you should see the PSS message whenever a patient completes the associated Ocean eForm. 

Note: The "send message" action is triggered when the patient chart is opened (and the Ocean form is downloaded to the chart). If a patient is sent a form to complete at home using Ocean Online, there may be a significant delay between the completion of the form and the patient chart being opened (and thus, the PSS message being triggered). Clinics may consider implementing a message management workflow that ensures that Ocean alerts are enabled and patient charts are always opened as soon as an alert is received.

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