PS Suite: Checking for Smoking Status Using an eForm or Tablet Rule

The smoking status is passed as text from the "RISKS" field in PSS. The content of "RISKS" is available in the keyword "@ptCpp.soc" (if you are curious: "soc" stands for social history). 

If you would like to display the smoking status, you can use the @ptCpp.soc keyword:

To check if someone is a current smoker, use this formula:

ScriptUtil.getKeyword("@ptCpp.soc").indexOf("current smoker") >= 0

To check if someone is an ex-smoker, use this formula:

ScriptUtil.getKeyword("@ptCpp.soc").indexOf("ex-smoker") >= 0    

To check if someone has never smoked, use this formula:

ScriptUtil.getKeyword("@ptCpp.soc").indexOf("never smoked") >= 0  


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