OSCAR: Mapping Answers from an Ocean eForm to an OSCAR Measurement

When you are building your eForms, if you "tag" a caption by surrounding a single word with "@" and ":" then the value will be available for mapping using EMR field mapping. For an example, inspect the form below or the note generated by this standard CAGE questionnaire.


For the CAGE questionnaire, if you had an OSCAR measurement called "CAGE", you could do this:

1. Log in to the Ocean portal.

2. Navigate to the Admin tab and enter the "EMR Field Mapping" section (selected from the menu along the left). Here, you can map the tagged field(s) to the name of the measurement in OSCAR. 

If a patient completes the CAGE questionnaire, the CAGE value in the measurement will be set accordingly:


For this example to work, however, you need two things first:

  • A measurement type called "CAGE" (with a type that matches the allowable values, i.e. an integer)

  • A custom flowsheet with all your Ocean-provided measurements included (including the new CAGE measurement type)


Creating the Measurement Type (if necessary)

To create the measurement type in OSCAR (if it doesn't already exist):

1. Open the Administration panel.

2. Expand the "System Management" section (from the menu on the left), select "Customize Measurements".

3. Select "Customize Measurements" and then "Add Measurement Type". Your new measurement type might look something like this:


Add/Customize the Ocean Flowsheet

Download the latest flowsheet here. It contains all the standard OSCAR installed measurement types. You will likely already be using other measurement types such as CAGE and PHQ-9. If you are adding a new measurement type (such as CAGE), you must add it to this flowsheet before uploading it to OSCAR. OSCAR flowsheets are XML documents, so you will need to edit the raw XML in a text editor. For example, add the CAGE measurement type (or whatever measurement type you need) to the bottom, before the end of the "header" element (inserted text is show in green):


<item measurement_type="WT" display_name="WT" guideline="" graphable="no" value_name="WTOceanLabel" />
<item measurement_type="CAGE" display_name="Cage" guideline="" graphable="yes" value_name="CAGEOceanLabel" />


Once you are done editing the flowsheet, upload it into OSCAR by opening the Administration panel, expanding the "System Management" section (from the menu on the left), and selecting "Manage Flowsheets". 

Note: The value of the tagged field in the Ocean note is passed directly to the OSCAR measurement. In other words, if OSCAR expects "Yes" or "No" and the note contains Y or N, it won't work. Therefore, the note has to produce exactly what OSCAR expects for the measurement.

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