PS Suite: Populating PS Suite Custom Form Values with Ocean Answers

Ocean allows PS Suite users to customize their eForms to pre-populate custom forms with answers completed using Ocean. This powerful functionality allows you to use your existing custom forms to record the patient's answers, in addition to the usual progress note added to the chart.

One great example involves the standard CDM Diabetes custom form. Ocean has a "CDM Diabetes History" eForm designed for patients to complete. When the patient completes this eForm, either on the Ocean tablet or via an Ocean online questionnaire, Ocean will automatically add the custom form to the chart. The patient's answers, such as the patient's review of symptoms (e.g. hypoglycemia, pain etc.), automatically populate the corresponding checkboxes on the custom form.

CDM Diabetes Custom Form:(note how the checkboxes are prepopulated)

Configuring the eForm for Custom Form Prepopulation

Any eForm can be configured to load any PS Suite custom form using the eForm Editor.

  • To specify the custom form, add an invisible eForm formula item to the end of the eForm:

  • Make the Item reference 'pssCF':

  • Specify the exact, character-for-character name of the custom form in the item's Formula, surrounded by single quotes ('')
  • Set "Show this field if" to "false" to make this item invisible (so that this field does not show up on the questionnaire when patients view it)

Configuring the Custom Form Field Mapping

Mapping eForm items to custom form items is straightforward: simply ensure they are named the same.

Any eForm item with an item reference matching an item name on the custom form will be automatically pre-populate the custom form's value.

For example an eForm item text field with reference "BP" will populate the custom form item with name "BP" with the text field value.

Custom form checkboxes and radio buttons can be populated with Ocean eForm values as well. An Ocean value of "true" will mark the checkbox (or radio button) as checked.

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