Allowing Access to an Ocean Study from a Website

Ocean supports public online questionnaires for any study. This is particularly useful for things like patient experience surveys.

To enable this:

Navigate to the Studies tab and find the study you want to create a public link for. Click "Configure" next to the study in question to change its settings.

Click "Allow online submissions for this study using a public URL" in the configuration panel for the study. This will display a URL that you can add to your website.

There is no additional cost to creating and using a public URL. However, normal study submission fees will apply, depending on the study tier (i.e. the same as if an Ocean Tablet was used).


A few notes:

  • If a patient completes a study survey via your website, the data in the export will have a submission source of "Public Online Questionnaire" so you will know that it came from your website link.
  • Form memory and participant keys will be disabled for public online questionnaires since the patient is truly anonymous; i.e. the last name, birthdate, HN and sex is not known as it might be for a web questionnaire or tablet so Ocean will not "remember" that a particular patient has completed a form for use in tablet rules or form scripts.
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