Does Ocean support French? Other languages?

Yes, Ocean supports multiple languages, although there are a few nuances.

First of all, currently, the tablet only provides English, French, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Armenian, and Farsi as options. Patients can choose which language to complete their forms in from the top of the Introduction screen (see screenshot below). We fully expect to add additional language "buttons" in the future, based on client demand.

The eForms themselves can be translated into any language. At this point, most forms are English only, although there are a few standard forms that are available in French as well: the PHQ-9, for example.

eForms can be translated using the eForm Editor. Simply edit the form, select the Action menu at the top right:

Choose "Internationalize". Enter your desired standard ISO language two-character code (e.g. French is "FR"; Spanish is "ES"; other codes can be found here).

Once the form is internationalized, go back into the Action menu and choose "String Translations...". The dialog provides one line per string for translation under the "Text" column, with the default translation as "FR: {original English string}". Simply replace these strings (including the "FR:" bit) with the correct translations (see screenshot below) and save the form by clicking "OK".

To test eForm after it's been translated, you can "&locale=FR" to the end of the preview link in the address bar after choosing "Preview" in the eForm Action menu. For example:

Finally, before you translate a form, double-check to make sure it hasn't already been translated by another site. To do this, enter the eForms tab back in the Ocean portal, select "More", click "View Shared Forms", and search the list for the form.

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