Setting Up eRequests on a Website

For a detailed, step-by-step guide to setting up eRequests, please refer to our website here.

1. To enable eRequests, you must first "Claim" your site in the Ocean directory. If you can't find it, you might need to add it first (there is a menu in the top right corner to "Add Listing").

2. Once you’ve claimed your site, let us know at so that we can validate your site as a legitimate clinic for accepting patient data.

3. If you are an eReferral site, you will also need to apply to accept eReferrals. This is a step designed to ensure that other clinicians can trust the authenticity of referral sites. We'll get notified and approve your eReferral status within 24 hours or so. You'll get an email telling you that you're ready to accept eReferrals.

4. Finally, login to the Ocean portal, go to the Admin tab, into the eRequest Links section, and select "New eRequest Configuration". You'll need to pick the form that you want to appear. You can pick a favourite if you want multiple forms to appear in sequence. You can choose whether the eRequest will be for physicians (e.g. a requisition form) or for patients (e.g. intake, Rx renewal requests, etc.).

5. The eRequest will be assigned a unique hyperlink. You can use this as a link as a link from your website or embed it as an iFrame (i.e. a window showing an Ocean eRequest within your webpage). For some examples, check out our product page.

6. Once you begin accepting eRequest submissions, you can import them into your EMR. Please refer to this article to learn more about how you can import eRequest data into your EMR.

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