Uploading a Patient Cohort File to Ocean for Batch Emailing

There are multiple formats that you can use for the importer.


Standard Importer

The standard importer expects a comma-separated value file (CSV) with the fields declared in the following order:

surname, firstName, birthDate (yyyy-mm-dd), sex, health number, reason for visit, email address, EMR patient #, note

Note that there is no header line


Wolf Appointment File Importer

The Wolf importer is based on the standard export format from Wolf EMR's appointment scheduler.

It expects a comma-separated value file (CSV) with the fields declared in the following order:

booking type, insurance province, PHN, surname, firstName, birthDate, DPID, ApptDate (yyyy-mm-dd), ApptDuration, ApptReason, blank field, area code, phone number

Note that there is no header line.


PS Suite File Importer

You can do a batch export of patients for this purpose using a PSS search. You need to ensure the search has the following columns:

surname, firstName, PSS ID, health number, birthDate (dd/mm/yr), sex, email address, privacy, (note trailing comma is required)

For your convenience, a sample PSS export search using this column format is attached here. We recommend importing this file and then changing the search criteria in order to export patients from PSS.

To import this from PSS, go to Settings -> Edit Searches... -> Edit -> Import Searches... (see screenshot). 

Click "Perform Search" to run the search. After you run the search, choose the Report -> Utilities -> Save as CSV option:

This file can be uploaded into Ocean. Click here to download an example of an exported CSV file.

Once you have uploaded your patients into Ocean, you may wish to send them all a standard email. Please refer to this article for details.

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