Web Questionnaire (Online Messages) Pricing

As per our Plans & Pricing page, you have a couple of options to use web questionnaires. Since web questionnaires do not require tablets, the pricing is separate from the tablet subscription licenses, even though the technology is complementary.

There are 2 options for web questionnaire pricing:

Paying for Each Web Questionnaire Individually

The cost is $0.10 per email invitation and $0.40 for each questionnaire completed. We sometimes talk about web questionnaires costing $0.50 each, but it's actually less than that, on average, because some invitations will inevitably go unanswered. The cost is the same even if you have multiple eForms per email for the patient to complete.

Note: This price does not include any Ocean Studies fees, should you be running a research study.

Adding an Ocean Online Messages Subscription for Specific Users

This subscription cost $30 per month per user and allows a named user to send unlimited web questionnaires.

Note: Again, study fees are not included.

  • You can enable Ocean Online Messages yourself. Simply login to the Ocean Portal, navigate to the Admin tab and enter the "Users" section from the menu on the left.
  • From there, check off the "Ocean Online Subscription ($30/month/user)" box next to the user name that you wish to enroll in this subscription.

Hint: You can also use these two pricing options in combination. For example, if somebody at the front desk sends all your intake registration packages to patients, sign him/her up for an Ocean Online subscription. Doctors and nurses can still send web questionnaires themselves at $0.50 each.

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