PS Suite: Upgrading the Ocean Custom Form

To upgrade the Ocean custom form:

  1. Insert the Ocean custom form into a dummy patient chart like you do normally.
  2. Click the "Settings" button on the newly-inserted Ocean custom form and enter your Ocean username and password if prompted.
  3. Choose "Update Ocean Custom Form" from the settings menu. It should automatically download the latest custom form onto your computer's "Downloads" folder (or wherever your browser downloads files normally).
    • If you don't have an Ocean username/password: Download the form directly here. Most browsers put the '.cfm' file into your Downloads folder.
    • If you can't remember your Ocean username and password: Go to the Ocean sign in page and click "Forgot Password".
  4. It will also automatically open the "Edit Custom Forms" dialog box in PS Suite (see below). Drag the newly downloaded file from your "Downloads" folder, into the list in this dialog box (if there are multiple files in the folder, make sure you grab the most recent version of the .cfm file). Say "Yes" when prompted to allow the update.

    • If you're having trouble finding your downloaded .cfm file, you can browse through your computer's files by using the dialog box's "File" menu and selecting "Import Form(s)".

That's it! You can now insert the upgraded custom form in any patient's chart.

Note: PS Suite will keep old versions of any existing custom forms in charts, so to see the new version of the Ocean custom form that you've just added, you'll need to click "Remove" on the old custom form and add in the Ocean custom form again. The new version number is shown in the bottom left of the custom form, between the Ocean logo and the site number:

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