How can I see more detail for my invoice?

At the end of each month, the payer for your site will receive an automatic invoice via email, outlining Ocean fees incurred during the past month. The invoice is intended to summarize the "bill items" for easy reading. 

If you ever need to see a more detailed invoice:

1. Log in to the Ocean portal.

2. Navigate to the Admin tab and enter the Billing section (selected from the menu along the left).

3. All of your previous invoices should be listed at the bottom of the page, under the "Invoices" heading. Click the "View" button beside the specific invoice in question to see more details.

5. In window showing your detailed invoice, click "Download Bill Item Report", which will download a .csv file version of your invoice, which can be viewed in Excel).

Note: You will only be able to view your site's invoices if you an administrator for your site.

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