Deactivating Tablets

Deregistering Your Tablet

If you'd like to temporarily suspend your tablet subscription for Ocean services (e.g. your clinic is closed over the summer), you can deregister your tablet from the Ocean Tablet Administration Menu.

1. Open the Ocean Tablet app on your tablet.

2. Tap the Ocean logo or settings cog at the bottom left corner of the main screen.

3. Enter your Ocean username and password to access the Administration Menu. Note that you will need to have admin access to your Ocean site to be able to access this Admin Menu on your tablet (to learn how to grant admin access to users, please refer to this article - step 5).

4. Select "Deregister".

Deactivating Your Tablet

You will want to permanently deactivate your tablet if you are no longer using it for Ocean and/or if it has broken, was stolen, or was lost. You can deactivate tablets from the Ocean web portal.

1. Log into the Ocean portal.

2. Go to the Tablets tab.

3. Find the tablet(s) you wish to deactivate, click it, and choose "De-register".

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