Ocean Kiosk Specifications

CognisantMD is proud to offer our clients high quality commercial kiosk stands that are manufactured in Canada and integrate directly with a health card swipe reader.

Floor Wall-Mount Countertop
  • The Ocean Kiosk Floor Model is a durable, lightweight aluminum stand with an elegant matte white finish.
  • The stand features a fully enclosed tablet housing and integrated cable routing for a cable-free look.
  • ArmoLock™ security screws keep your tablet secure, while the enhanced Wi-Fi signal transparency ensures that your Ocean connection is not hampered.
  • The cost of this model is $550 + shipping.

Additional Hardware Requirements

Running Ocean in Kiosk mode requires a tablet that works with a tested swipe card reader. CognisantMD supports kiosk mode using the Ocean Kiosk Stand with the following hardware:

Kiosk Measurements

Stand Height Width Depth Weight
Floor 46.25" (1175mm) 16.00" (406mm) 18.25" (464mm) 10.15lbs (4.60kg)
Wall-Mount 12.75" (324mm) 9.96" (253mm) 5.13" (130mm) 3.40lbs (1.54kg)
Countertop 11.00" (279mm) 12.75" (324mm) 10.19" (259mm) 8.80lbs (3.99kg)

Ordering a Kiosk

If you would like to order a kiosk, please visit our Check-In Kiosk product page.

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