How are referral forms managed for sites with central intake?

Ocean sites can be specified to send referrals to central intake, their own site, or both. The referral's destination is determined by the owner of the chosen referral form. In other words, if a central intake form is used, the referral will be sent to central intake. When a specific site's form is used, it will be sent to that specific site.

Multiple referral forms can be displayed in the site's "Send Referral" dialog. The most specific referral forms are shown at the top of the list. When specific referral forms are available, the generic forms are not shown.

Which forms are shown specifically?

Suppose site S is linked to a central intake site (CI) with a health service offering Orthopedics. For each Orthopedics offering at site S, a list of potential referral forms is returned in the following order:

1. A form specified for Orthopedics at S

2. A form specified by CI for site S

If there are no forms in 1 or 2, it will proceed to include:

3. A general form specified by CI

4. Any forms specified by site S

If there are no forms in 1, 2, 3, or 4, it will proceed to include:

5. Any general Ocean referral forms for Orthopedics

If there are no forms in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, it will proceed to include:

6. The Quick Referral Form and the Standard Referral form

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