What is 'Skip on demand eForms' under Tablet rules?

The "Skip on demand eForms" found at the bottom of the tablet rules page is typically used for Ocean kiosks, to avoid showing the manually-queued forms, since clients often prefer to have these more detailed/private forms show on a separate tablet.

You can prioritize and apply conditions to the eForm rules in your tablet settings. Note that you can drag and drop the rules relative to each other; you can also position them in the queue relative to the "On Demand" (manually queued forms) using drag and drop.

When using eForm rules, new patients are often faced with a significant number of forms requiring completion. In cases where you don't want the patient to complete all of the forms in one sitting, you can defer automatically-queued forms to a later visit. One strategy to accomplish this is to apply a condition to the rules such that they only show when the "on demand" manual queue is of length 0. You can add this prefix to your rule's script:

ScriptUtil.queueSize() == 0 && ...

ScriptUtil.queueSize() == 0 && firstTime
--> This will only show a form once, and only if there are no manually queued On Demand forms.

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