eReferral Notification Email Rules

Automatic email notifications are triggered for both patients and referrers whenever a referral's status is changed from "New" to "Booked"/"Cancelled"/"Declined", or a referral's appointment date or time is changed.

Note: Simply "Accepting" an eReferral does not typically send an email notification (unless you are in the uncommon scenario that the eReferral is submitted under an eRequest specifically configured to do so).


  • For an email notification to be sent to the patient, the patient's email address must be included in the referral. You can enter, update or remove a patient's email address at any time by editing the patient demographics within the referral window.
  • Referrers must provide a notification email address as a condition of sending an eReferral, so you can assume one is available for notifications.

Notification Email Rules

  • Once a referral has been sent, there are a number of notification emails that are automatically sent to the patient and the referrer. Determining which email address is the ideal one to use depends on the conditions under which the referral was sent and the nature of the notification. Notifications will be sent according to the sequential logic outlined below.
  • Condition 1: If an Ocean user is associated with the referral, notifications will be sent to one of the following email addresses in the user's "View My Account" page (found in the Ocean portal, clicking on your name at top right hand corner, and selecting "View my Account"): (1) Referral Notification Email, (2) Clinical Delegate Email, or (3) the user's Email Address.
  • Condition 2: If the referrer provided a specific notification email at the time of sending the referral, notifications will be sent to the email address provided at the time of sending the referral.
  • Condition 3: If the referral was sent from an eReferral custom form within an EMR (e.g. PS Suite), notifications will be sent to the referral notification email configured for the specific user within the EMR's custom form, or the site within the EMR's custom form.
  • Please refer to the referral custom form's documentation for more details.
  • If none of the above conditions are met, notification emails will fall back to be sent as a site-wide notification.
  • Site-wide notifications will also be sent if there are notifications concerning a set of referrals.
  • These notifications will be sent to one of the following email addresses in the site's Admin tab (of the Ocean Portal): (1) Referral Notification Email (set by the site in the "Site Account" section), (2) Clinical Administrator Email (set by the site in the "Site Account" section, or (3) the Site Payer's email address (set by the site in the "Billing" section).

Notification emails are sent to the referrer AND the patient when:

  • An appointment date is booked, removed or changed,
  • Booking comments are added or changed,
  • A secure message is sent to the referrer (patients do not receive this message)
  • The status of the referral changes (i.e. the referral tab changes; exception: from New->Accepted, unless specifically configured to send on Accept), including declines, cancelations, bookings, etc., or
  • The referral is forwarded.

Note: Notification emails are only sent to the patient when an email address is provided for the patient within the referral (which is only permitted after an acknowledgment of the patient's email consent).

Disabling Email Notifications

  • If you would like to disable automatic email notifications to patients, you can do so in the "Site Features" section of the Admin tab (in the Ocean Portal).
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