Adding Multiple Language Support to the Tablet Introduction Screen

Ocean allows you to customize the introduction/welcome screen on the tablet to display different languages based on the patient's initial language selection. Currently, the tablet provides the option to support English, French [fr], Chinese [zh], Arabic [ar], Armenian [hy], Farsi [fa] and Italian [it].

To display the selected language text on the introduction/welcome screen, you will need to have your title, message and privacy disclaimer text ready in English and any additional languages you plan to support. At that point, you can follow these steps to configure your tablets:

1. From the Tablets tab in the Ocean Portal, click "Edit" on your tablet group.

2. Select the "Languages" tab and ensure that any languages you intend to support are checked off.

3. Select the "Introduction" tab and add your title, message and privacy disclaimer in English. 

4. Find the ISO language code for the next language you want to include, and add the code in square brackets after the English text (eg. to add French, you would add [fr] immediately after the English text). See the image below for an example of how this might look using English, French and Arabic.

5. Add your translated text immediately after the corresponding language code in all three sections (title, message and privacy disclaimer).

6. Follow steps 4 and 5 for any additional languages.

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