Accuro: Set Your Custom Status(es)

Ocean can automatically trigger a custom status in Accuro to provide a visual indication when a patient has completed their loaded forms on a tablet, or to indicate that an Ocean reminder has been sent.

  1. Configure your custom statuses in Accuro.

    • From the Accuro EMR, click the Accuro (target) logo in the bottom left and type "status" in the search box.
    • Select "Manage Priorities, Reasons and Statuses".
    • At the bottom of the Status area, click on the green plus (+) sign to add a new status.
    • Name your status(es). By default, Ocean sets the arrived custom status name as "Arrived by Ocean" and appointment reminder sent custom status as "Ocean Reminder Sent". You can choose to use these names or enter your own.
    • Double-click on the box under the Abbr column to select an abbreviation for the status.
    • Double-click on the box under the Icon column to select the custom status shape.
    • Double-click on the box under the Colour column to choose a colour for the status.
  2. Confirm your custom statuses in Ocean Connect.

    • After you have created your custom status in Accuro, you should confirm that your Ocean Connect settings match the custom status names you selected in Accuro.
    • Open the Ocean Connect app on your tablet, and review the status names. If necessary, edit the text to ensure that it is identical to the name(s) entered in Accuro.
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