Accessing Tablet Use Data

To access your site's tablet usage data:

1. Log in to the Ocean portal.

2. Navigate to the Admin tab and enter the Reports section (selected from the menu on the left).

3. From the bottom section, select "Tablet Use Log" from the Activity menu.

4. Select a time frame for which to download to your data:

  • Pick a date range to view study data within a specific time period, or
  • Leave the start date blank to view study data from the study start to a specific date, or
  • Leave the end date blank to view study data from the a specific date onwards, or 
  • Leave both dates blank to view all study data ever collected.

5. Once you click "Export", a .csv file of your tablet usage data will be downloaded, which can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

Note: Our system only maintains 60 days worth of retrospective data. Should you require access to data beyond the 60-day period, CognisantMD will need to make a request to have the data formally restored. There is a cost of $250 for this service. In order to ensure that you are able to access Ocean data, we suggest doing a monthly export of all data that you require. 

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