PS Suite: Upgrade Your Ocean Custom Form & Toolbar - FOR EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY

The new Ocean toolbar has enhanced functionality that replaces the need to insert the Ocean custom form in the chart. You can learn more about these changes in "Moving to the New TELUS API – What You Need to Know".

  1. Download the newest Ocean custom form and toolbar files.
    • Click on the file links below to download the Ocean toolbar and custom form files. If the files do not appear as “.cfm”, right-click each of the links to and save them manually by selecting "Save As..." from the menu of options.
    • The Ocean custom form is located here: Ocean.cfm

Note Regarding Preexisting Toolbars

If you already have this Ocean toolbar installed in your PS Suite, please ensure that the toolbar has the same file name as your existing toolbar. The new Ocean toolbar will replace your existing Ocean toolbar. As a result, any customized links that you may have added will be lost.

  1. Open the Edit Custom Forms window in PS Suite.
    • Log in to PS Suite and open the EMR (Records) window.
    • From the "Settings" menu, choose "Edit Custom Forms".
  2. Import the downloaded custom form files into PS Suite.
    • From the Edit Custom Forms window, select "File" and then "Import Form(s)".
    • Locate the .cfm file that was downloaded. (This will typically be in your computer's "Downloads" folder if you've downloaded the file recently.)
    • Select "Choose" and close the Custom Forms window.
    • Select "OK" when prompted to replace the existing custom form and make sure that PS Suite confirms that your custom form has been replaced successfully.
  3. Create a reminder trigger for your toolbar.
    • Skip this step if you were already using the standard Ocean toolbar.

Note Regarding Custom Toolbars

If you are a clinic with existing custom toolbar(s) that have been customized with a link to Ocean, once the Ocean Toolbar is installed and activated, these extra links to Ocean in existing custom toolbars will be redundant and unsupported. Therefore, we recommend that clinics using custom toolbars remove any Ocean-related links from the custom toolbars and rely on the Ocean Toolbar instead.

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