QHR Accuro & Ocean Set-Up: At A Glance

  1. Set Up Your Dedicated OceanConnect Device
    • This step will describe which tablet settings to optimize on your dedicated OceanConnect tablet and how to register your OceanConnect tablet with your specific Ocean site.
    • These settings are important to ensure that Ocean and your EMR are connected reliably.
  2. Configure OceanConnect
    • In this step, you will need the URL, username, and password that QHR Accuro provided you with, in order for Ocean to be able to access the Accuro API, thereby connecting to your Accuro EMR.
  3. Set Your Custom Status(es)
    • Ocean is able to mark your patient as "Arrived by Ocean" once they complete their forms on their tablet. This is especially helpful if you have Ocean check-in kiosks.
    • In order to enable this, you will need to create custom Ocean-related statuses in your Accuro EMR.
  4. Configure the CDS Menu for Quick Access to Ocean
    • To easily access Ocean directly within Accuro, you will want to set up CDS links to various Ocean products or services.
  5. Add User-Friendly Buttons to CDS Links (optional)
    • Once you've set up your CDS links, you can create shortcut buttons on your home screen to easily access your CDS links with one simple click.
  6. Configure Your eForm Favourites (optional)
    • Now that you're up and running with Ocean, you may find that there are a few specific Ocean forms that you like to use on a regular basis. For quick access to these forms, you can create a customized menu of “eForm Favourites”.
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