Sharing & Importing eForms between Ocean Sites

When you create an Ocean eForm of your own, by default, it is included in our shared public directory of forms. Therefore, any Ocean community will have access to your form and will be able to import the eForm into their own Ocean site to customize and/or use themselves.

Sharing eForms

To control whether or not your eForm is listed in our public directory:

1. Open your form in the eForm Editor.

2. Click on the Actions menu at the top right and select "eForm Properties".

3. Navigate to the "Sharing & Licensing" tab in the eForm properties.

4. Either check off or remove the checkmark beside "List in directory" to either list or not list your form in our shared directory, respectively.

For more details about eForm Properties, please refer to this article.

Importing eForms

To import an eForm from another Ocean site into your own site:

1. Log in to the Ocean Portal and navigate to the eForms tab.

2. Click on the "More" button and select "View Shared Forms" from the dropdown menu of options.

3. Search for your desired eForm, based on the site who created the form or the name of the form. Once you find the eForm, click it, and select the "Import" button:

4. The imported form should now appear in your site's list of eForms.

Once the form has been imported into your site, you have the option to edit it as you like, sever this form from the parent form (i.e. the original form created by the source site), or you can leave it linked. Leaving your form linked allows you to "Sync Form" to update your site's form with any changes made by the source site, as required.

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