Managing Incoming eReferrals

You can view and manage all of your received eReferrals from the eRequests tab of the Ocean Portal.

Simply click on the patient to manage its next steps, including triaging the referral, accepting the referral, booking an appointment for the referral, sending a message to the referrer, etc.

  • Once you receive a new eReferral or if there is a status change in any of your eReferrals, your clinic's indicated referral notification email address will be sent a notification email. Please refer to the "eReferral Notification Email Rules" article to learn more about who, when, and why Ocean eReferral notification are sent.
  • The referred patient will also be sent email updates about their eReferral, provided that an email address was included in the original referral and the referral indicates that patient consented to be contacted via email.
  • To learn more about the various icons and buttons you will see when managing incoming eReferrals, please review "What do the Icons and Buttons in eReferrals Mean?"
  • Use these buttons to accept or decline the referral.

    Note: This will move the referral to your Pending Booking or Declined inbox depending on which option is selected.

  • If the referral requires review by another user at your site, use this button to select the individual and notify them.

    Note: This action will move the eReferral to your Needs Review inbox.

  • Use the scheduling pane to enter the patient's appointment information.

    Note: This will trigger a message to the patient and referrer including the appointment date and time as well as any additional messaging included in the text box or attachments that have been indicated.

  • Use this action menu to access additional functions available to you, such as printing, downloading, or exporting the referral. You may also forward, cancel, or delete the referral from this menu. Other options include adding a related (child) referral, viewing past referrals for this patient, moving the referral to your Awaiting Reply inbox, or marking/ unmarking it as a test referral.
  • Add a note to the referral using free text or one of the options from the drop-down menu here. You may also triage the referral using the "Review..." option.
  • You may exchange information securely with the referrer using the Messaging pane of the referral. Enter any text, canned responses, or attachments you would like to send and then press the "Send" button. The recipient will then be notified of your message by email and may log in to the Ocean portal to view it securely.
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