Purchase Your Hardware

Ocean Tablet users:

Ocean Tablets require a WiFi-connected Android device (running Android 5.0 or higher). More details and our recommendations are included in the "Buy Your Tablet(s)" step of the Tablet Set-Up Guide.

Ocean Kiosk users:

Ocean kiosk stands and peripheral hardware can be ordered directly from CognisantMD from the Ocean Check-In Kiosk product page. You will also need to independently purchase a compatible tablet for your kiosk (i.e. the Samsung Galaxy Tab E (9.6") or Samsung Galaxy A (10.1")).

All Accuro users and new TELUS API users:

To connect your EMR to Ocean, you will need a dedicated Android device running Android 5.0 or higher with the OceanConnect app installed. This device will not be subject to any licence fees. There are no minimum screen size or storage requirements; in fact, a small, budget-friendly device is recommended. A good option is the Acer Iconia One (7") running Android 7.0. To learn more about OceanConnect refer to "Understanding OceanConnect".

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