PS Suite: Configure the OceanConnect App

  1. Select your EMR.

    • Open the OceanConnect app and select "TELUS PS Suite" from the home screen.
  2. Activate your OceanConnect app.

    • Type in the (manual) mobile activation code that you obtained from the Preferences window in PS Suite.
    • Note: Be sure NOT to include the dashes (-) when typing in the activation code.
    • If your device has been successfully added, you will see a green checkmark labelled "Device has been added" in the Activation Code dialog box in PS Suite:
    • If successful, you will be brought you to the main OceanConnect screen on your tablet.
  3. Customize and save your OceanConnect configuration.

    • Set your "Days to Sync" to 1 or 2 days, UNLESS you are planning to use form reminders with a lead time greater than this time interval.
    • For example, if your site wants to send form reminders 3 days in advance of a patient visit, then a minimum of 3 days' synchronization is required.
    • Note: More internet bandwidth is required for longer time intervals for appointment synchronization. A description list is perfect for defining terms.
    • Click on “Save Configuration” to save your changes.
    • Select "Sync Appointments" to make sure that the connection is working. Clicking this button will prompt OceanConnect to automatically extract, encrypt and upload upcoming appointments. Once the sync is complete, you should see all your patients with upcoming appointments listed in the Patients tab of your Ocean Portal.

Congratulations! Your OceanConnect is now set up and ready to go.

To learn more about OceanConnect, please refer to "Understanding Ocean Connect".

If you're having trouble with OceanConnect, please refer to these troubleshooting steps.

Overview of OceanConnect Buttons
Save Configuration
Save changes that you've made to the configuration settings and start open connect.
Sync Appointments Now
Manually synchronizes appointments. (OceanConnect will automatically synchronize with your appointments on TELUS PS Suite appointment with the patients in your Ocean portal every hour.)
  • Alternatively, you can also manually synchronize your appointments from the Patients tab of the Ocean portal by selecting "Synchronize Appointments" from the Actions menu:
Takes you to the EMR selection screen.
View Log
Shows you a log that can be sent to CognisantMD for troubleshooting issues.
Clear Activation
Clears your OceanConnect Mobile Activation Code and disconnects Ocean Connect.

How to disconnect OceanConnect:

If you ever want to disconnect your OceanConnect, simply tap the "Clear Configuration" button on the OceanConnect app.

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